Those were the days – former Councillor Williams.

Sing-along with the Waverley Web

Those were the days my friend – we thought they’d never end – but sadly, they have,  former Waverley Borough and Parish Council Chairman Trevor Williams!

We understand from the locals over there in Cranleigh that you were held in high esteem, by your colleagues and villagers Mr Williams. In fact you would be heartened by the compliments we have received about you at the Waverley Web.

The men you speak of in this letter to the Surrey Advertiser – taught you well.  You may have been the youngest member ever to serve on either Waverley Borough Council or the parish (WW has done some research here), but  the news cuttings of the day reveal  you had the integrity, honesty and the well-being of the village where you were born and brought up at the heart of everything you did.

To say that your colleagues would have been “dismayed” by the actions of some of to-day’s councillors is, however, a gross understatement. They would be horrified and we have heard, one in particular is spinning in his grave!

But on the bright side – there isn’t just a new broom sweeping Cranleigh Parish Council clean – there are more than half a dozen of them – so rest assured, the council you were proud to serve is working hard to give its tarnished image a good polish, and get its reputation back.

P.S. Don’t keep you nose out of local issues Mr Williams – stick your nose in wherever and whenever you like – Cranleigh will be grateful. !

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  1. Hear hear a real councillor in his day, working for the people as they say things go in circles hopefully we are returning to Mr Willaims council days. Perfect write up just perfect

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