What a Whopper!


In its recent Press Release  the Stop Dunsfold Park New Town campaign stated that, ‘Figures from traffic survey data show that Bramley roundabout has 19,000 vehicle movements a day and Shalford crossroads has 22,000.’

Where did POW get its figures from because the official Department for Transport traffic figures contradict them, which leaves us, at Waverley Web, shaking our heads and asking, is the Stop Dunsfold New Town campaign reduced to scare-mongering yet again?

Instead of reaching into the ether and clutching at straws, WW has done a little research of its own.

According to the Department for Transport: Presumably it knows what it is talking about!

The A281 is not one of the busiest A roads in Surrey, in fact – far from it!

The figures for the A281 close to Dunsfold in 2014 were 8,544 and north of Bramley, just across the border in the Guildford Borough, 19,405. Those figures have not increased in recent years and are much the same as the traffic figures were in 2000.

The average daily traffic flow for rural and urban A roads in the South East in 2014 were 17,900 and 18,500 respectively. Surrey’s figures were higher at more than 21,000 but the A281 figure close to Dunsfold is similar to that of a typical Surrey B road. In fact, there are B roads elsewhere in Waverley with higher traffic volumes than the A281 close to Dunsfold!

So …Get your facts right Save Our  Waverley – and call yourselves Save Our Little Bit of Waverley and Sod the Rest. SOLBOWASTR or TIMEWASTER more like!

Ka-POW! Outed with a single, well-aimed blow!

3 thoughts on “What a Whopper!”

  1. This web site has lost all credibility with residents of Alfold, Dunsfold, Hascombe etc. But I doubt you’ll care or post this as it seems this has become your mouthpiece for promoting major development at Dunsfold Park. Perhaps that has been the goal all along.

    1. This Web was not set up to promote any developer or development! Neither will it censor anyone’s views, which includes yours. WW doubts it has lost all credibility with the residents of Alfold, Dunsfold and Hascombe, as you suggest. In fact the opposite is true, it has received many messages, from the villages mentioned, but who wish their views to remain private, expressing the opposite view. WW recognises villagers’ concerns, particularly in view of the recent decision by Waverley BC to grant the first 55 homes on green fields within the village of Alfold. We understand there are now very real fears that this is now just the start of things to come.
      WW will restate the view it shares with many others – development on brown fields first before sacrificing the countryside!

  2. “Brownfield” you mean. It must take some strong compartmentalisation to be against building on greenfield sites yet support high-density housing built in the middle of beautiful undeveloped woodland (have a look at that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI0Ez5rx5Q4). All the arguments against building on greenfield also apply to this site. It’s a different story if the brownfield site was an old factory or industrial building.

    EIther that or something very fishy is going on here….

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