WW has backed a loser and is counting the cost!

There is no doubt about it – as a Tipster the WW has so  proved to be – quite simply, rubbish!

WW thought  that an Ellis – any  Ellis – was an odds on favourite to become the new Chairman of Cranleigh Parish Council.

If you want to read what WW predicted would happen last Thursday, click below, however, we would prefer you didn’t. Because it has already cost us dearly!




It was standing room only at Cranleigh Parish Council’s offices last night when the Council met to vote in a new Chair and Vice Chair as the last one has bitten the dust!

BTW: Can someone please explain to us why Cranleigh Parish Council persists in holding its meetings at the Council Offices, which barely has room to accommodate the full Parish Council let alone interested members of the Public? Why on earth does the Parish Council not meet in the Village Hall? Are they deliberately trying to discourage local residents from participating in local democracy? Every other Parish Council in the local area meets in its Village Hall and so should Cranleigh’s!

THE WW  is delighted to report that its prophecy that one of the Ellis Duo would become Chairman proved false – with profuse apologies to all those who rushed down to Bet Fred on what we thought was a racing certainty! Mind you, it was a close run thing with Councillor Brian Ellis having the audacity to propose himself for the role of Vice Chair. Has that man no shame? No modesty? Talk about Desperate Dan!

Some kindly souls might accuse Councillors Patricia Ellis and David Gill of playing to the gallery on the night but our correspondent was more damning. Saying they behaved like   cranky toddlers who hadn’t been taught to play nicely with others in the playpen! In fact, David Gill would do well to take the advice of the late Sir Denis Thatcher who famously said:

‘Better keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.’

We’d like to say you heard it hear first but, frankly, there have been mutterings on the High Street about Councillor Gill’s short-comings for months now. Many believe him to be Councillor Brian Ellis’s stooge and, whisper it if you dare, Nick Vrijland’s point man in relation to the Knowle Park Initiative.

But we digress, returning to the main thrust of last night’s meeting and the primary point of interest for most of those present,( the ones who could get in that is,) that Councillor Mary Foryszewski was the sole candidate for the role of Chair but Councillor Brian Ellis had to duke-it-out with newbie Councillor Dominique McAll for the role of Vice Chair. Councillor Ellis was supported by his wife – well she would, wouldn’t she? – and his other Stooges, Gill and the Stennett Duo. Is that the same Stennett who stormed out and resigned over his squabbles with the Ellis Bully’O. a way back.  Shame on you Stewpot?

Newbie McAll – no disrespect intended for, in the very short space of time that she has been on the Parish Council, she has demonstrated time and again that she is a calm, diligent voice of reason.  In fact, with the advent of Councillors McAll and Townsend the sense of personal partisanship that emanated from the Council during Councillor Brian Ellis’s over-long rein has begun to dissipate and, at  long last, residents are getting  a sense that the Parish Council is now more concerned with what is best for Cranleigh and its residents rather than the small clique of acolytes that surrounded Power-Broker Ellis and his coterie. Councillor McAll’s bid for the Vice-Chairmanship was supported by the new brigade – proposed by Councillor Rosemary Burbridge, seconded by Councillor Liz Townsend and supported by another newbie Councillor, Brian Freeston. And it was left to Chairman Foryszewski to use her casting vote to secure the seat for Councillor McAll.

WW – although seriously out of pocket –  would like to congratulate Councillors Foryszewski and McAll on a very successful night for girl-power in Cranleigh but if we might proffer a small piece of advice: don’t let your guard down, ladies! The Old Guard are incensed as they watch their powerbase being eroded by these new young guns  they’re unlikely to take it lying down. We suggest you invest in hard hats, steel-toed boots and Kevlar jackets.

The new girls on the block will need them in the coming weeks and never more so than on Monday evening when they endeavour to get to the bottom of the shenanigans surrounding the misappropriation of the Beryl Harvey Field,  presided over by Councillors Brian Ellis & David Gill.

Villagers expect  some  searching questions from  Councillor Forysewski to be answered by Messrs Ellis & Gill on whose watch this duplicitous saga occurred. And the key question is?

Exactly who instructed Cranleigh Parish Council’s solicitor to write to the Land Registry requesting the transfer of ownership of the Beryl Harvey field from the Parish Council to Waverley  Borough Council?

Someone issued that instruction and at Monday evening’s meeting Councillors Forysewski and McAll need to get to the bottom of it. “Simples!” as Aleksandr Orlov would say! If only it were! For a night of ducking and diving worthy of Del Boy, take our advice and book your seats now for what will be the hottest ticket in town next week!

Roll up! Roll up! Never mind Keeping up with the Kardashians … Keeping up with Cranleigh is must-see viewing! Almost as entertaining as watching the recent Punch & Judy Show a Alfold!

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      1. Unfortunately WW cannot attend any meetings for obvious reasons. However, it would be glad to hear the outcome of the debate from anyone who does attend. WW

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