Complaints about “your Waverley” continue to grow!

Complaints continue to climb at Planet Waverley.

By how much, for what reason, when, or why residents’ are complaining is a little more difficult to establish. WHY? Because the Council’s Information Technology is not fit for purpose.

That is what councillors serving on Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee have been told by its officers.

In simple terms the IT system which serves Freedom of Information requests also delivers data on  complaints received by the council.  Officers “believe” complaints in the more serious category have reduced “slightly.” But level two complaints in all categories continue to  increase.

Councillors have themselves now joined the “Complaints Club” adding more to the growing list. They say  they need “up-to-date robust data” on which to judge the council’s performance dealing with complaints on services including planning, housing, tenants’ issues etc.

On the subject of complaints.  WW has received a desperate” e-mail from a private householder living below a council owned property  in Waverley. WW cannot say where for fear of further reprisals, against the owner. So bad was the noise at night that he took himself off into a local hotel for a few days and has even slept in his car.  He is so desperate he is even considering selling his place to anyone, anytime from anywhere and at any price! How desperate is that!

His complaint was investigated by two officers from the council – who (a) warned the “problem family ” they were coming to monitor the noise – daft or what, and (b) accused the complainant that he was somehow at fault  accusing  him of discriminating against another  with a particular disability ! What a dumb accusation to make against  a disabled person.

“I’m 60 years old, and disabled. I have been abused, shouted at, victimised & intimidated by these people & Waverley BC, I am at the moment fearful for my safety. I have spent many nights sleeping in my car or in cheap hotels because of the noise.”

Noise all day and night, violent  domestic abuse,  a regular occurrence at the property which even the WBC noise monitoring officer admitted to the complainant  even she couldn’t stand!  So WW asks why isn’t someone – somewhere, doing something about it?


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