Can it get anything right?

WW guesses that getting anything right at Waverley Towers these days is a bit of an uphill struggle!

Take the election for a new parish councillor in beleaguered Cranlegh. Oh! and by the way there are lots of vacant seats on parish and town councils coming up. One in Bramley, and another in the offing we hear, – two in Cranleigh – and one in Godalming for the Town Council.  All these councillors managed just six months after being elected. Why? Apparently serving on parish councils just isn’t quite  as much fun as it used to be!

Now the wrong postal ballot papers have gone out to Cranleigh electors coloured GREEN and a new set will be winging their way to them coloured YELLOW. WHY? Because the idiots in the Returning Officer’s Department failed to identify Brian Freeston as an INDEPENDENT on the cancelled ballot paper and was forced to issue another set.

Now the Returning Officer’s face is RED!  Just another few bob of our money down the pan!

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