Democracy alive and well in Bramley?

It’s good to see that democracy is alive and kicking in Bramley. In its latest Newsletter the Parish Council gaily informs local residents that they will be objecting to Dunsfold Park’s planning application this week and are planning to hold a public meeting to discuss the application in … wait for it early March!

Well that’s an arse about face way of doing things if ever we heard of one! Do Parish Councillors REALLY expect to be taken seriously by the electorate when they are putting C before A?  Seriously, you couldn’t make it up!

No doubt By-pass Byham will be there promoting the new Dunsfold Research Park he suggested should be built there just a few weeks ago. He told his Waverley colleagues that would be a much better use for  the brownfield land. Well, there’s a good idea!  Let’s build all over Waverley’s green and pleasant land, send the jobs and industry to Dunsfold, and let the cars do battle with the Articulated lorries thundering down th A281 through Bramley!

Aren’t we fortunate to have such bright, intelligent councillors working on our behalf!

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