Silent Night?

The Hallowed Halls of Waverley may be quieter than usual for the Full Council Meeting on tonight.  Despite having some pretty important issues to discuss – WW believes Farnham councillors may be missing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 18.42.31The Annual Farnham Carol Concert will be held on the same evening and most have decided that the festive spirit is more important than imbibing the spirits on offer in the Worshipful Mayor’s Parlour.

They certainly don’t want to hear what Cllr Carole Cockburn has to say on the Spatial Strategy Report of the Daft Local Plan. After all, you told them straight that it was heading for a third failure. You go enjoy yourself and have a   good sing song instead.

Cllr ‘Taffy’ Edwards may not be too welcome either. He has told the Planners/Executive/CEO etc to pull their fingers out and work seven days a week to get the Local Plan up and running, before the Government step in. Don’t worry Taffy, WBC has good old Jeremy in the background fighting  off Special Measures for you all.

If we leave our future in the hands of the Executive, maybe we can all sleep easily in our beds this Christmas as all is calm, all is bright?

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