Will the thousands of homes be fit for purpose?

So concerned are MP’s in the South East about the standard of workmanship of new homes – that they are calling on Government for tougher inspections. Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.09.47.png

MP’s in the Waverley/Guildford area, are busy dealing with the Junior Doctors’ threatened strikes and whipping votes, but others in the South are calling for changes in the law to protect home buyers.Mainly due to problems in their areas.

WW has had similar comments from readers on the quality of new builds  particularly in the Waverley Wealden clay areas, where problems are already surfacing with shrinkage, windows and doors moving etc. Some of which are occurring on very expensive properties – the problems appear to be connected with, what are believed to be, inadequate footings and drainage issues

The Government wants to see one million new homes built by 2020 and many thousands of them are coming to the borough of Waverley. From what we can view on our side of the borough – most of which are heading for in, and around, Cranleigh.

“Buyers of mobile phones have more protection than new home buyers,”

according to Maria Miller MP for Basingstoke, who says she wants to see new homes checked by a professional inspector who will provide transparent and open reports to buyers, before they make the most important purchase of their lives.



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