Not something else Waverley would prefer we didn’t know?


With no notice, the ‘very useful and well used’ Pay By Phone service has been withdrawn suddenly, with no warning, by WBC.

We and many of our followers, wonder why? Will we be told? What is even more important, will councillors be told? And if they are, will only some be told behind closed doors?

Former copper, Councillor Kevin Deanus, Portfolio Holder for Operational Services,  said it was

“in order to protect the interests of  our customers and the interests of the council, we have taken the decision to stop providing the service, as the issues have not been resolved.”

What issues, we wonder…

Now customers will have to pay at the metre – and we know what that means don’t we..? Look back on the our post, Dick Turpin Rides Again and see for yourselves how much money was gained in 2012/13 from not giving change in the car park machines. 


One thought on “Not something else Waverley would prefer we didn’t know?”

  1. It coincides with WBC quietly hiking car park charges.

    Despite the general price deflation in the economy, Waverley’s Executive Committee meeting (Tues 1st Dec) will be agreeing large rises in their parking charges. They say they are ‘catching up’ with 7.5% of cumulative inflation because they haven’t put up charges for a few years. However it looks to me as though all charges are rising by between 10% and 35%, due to “rounding up”. For instance, the long-stay daily charge is rising by 25% (33% at Meadrow).

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