One down – Eight to go?

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via Haslemere Herald
Simon Thornton
Simon Thornton

When the Cranleigh Conservative councillor, Stewart Stennett, was elected to the powerful Executive of Waverley Borough Council – the post was described as Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture. Now,  it has been passed over to Godalming’s Simon Thornton it has become ‘Portfolio for Leisure and Environment’.

The question is? Has WBC given up on Culture and why and when did Cllr Stennett resign? Two months in the job is probably a record for a resignation. WW doesn’t believe it was due to his work commitments or to spend more time with his family…

Needless to say WBC did not announce it until several months after he resigned… well it wouldn’t look good would it!

Answers on an a postcard to:

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