Guildford’s Leader resigns – dare we hope for the same in Waverley?

Although it was a shock for some, it was a long awaited resignation for many Guildford residents when Guildford Borough Councillor Stephen Mansbridge threw in the towel recently.

Cllr Robert Knowles
Cllr Robert Knowles

Could Waverley’s great Leader – Cllr ‘Know-less’ be next?

Cllr Mansbridge claims it was the Guildford Green Belt Group that exposed some of his and GBC’s shenanigans, in Private Eye, which it vehemently denies. We believe the exposure came from the widely read Guildford Dragon that keeps everyone on their toes at Guildford Borough Council, and informs everyone else in Guildford of everything going on. Apparently the Lib Dems decided to call for a Vote of No Confidence in the Leader and that was the final straw.

We have heard that at WBC, the one Independent and three Farnham Residents’ Group councillors’ have been sidelined and squashed, ever since they were elected. Asking a question, particularly if it concerns the past, gets them nowhere and an honest answer is a definite no no. There are now no checks and balances in New Waverley 2015. Remember: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Farnham Residents Group is being treated as badly as poor old Diane James, who spoke up for the people she represented and is now doing much the same as an MEP in Brussels.  Her case work at Waverley (the work she did for actual residents and which most councillors ignore) was considered by residents’ as second to none.( It was her switch from Independent to UKIP they didn’t like).  Now her patch has the archetypal Tory, who wisely does as she is told, and is just marking time until the electoral boundary changes take place and then she can go back to reading her book.

When everyone gets tired of being bullied by Bobby Know-less, we hope he will follow Councillor Mansbridge…soon…

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