Honesty, Transparency and Integrity?

Telling porkies is becoming such a habit within Waverley Borough Council, that ham sandwiches must be the refreshment of the day at the increasing number of “secret” meetings held in the council committee rooms. Now even the monthly Executive has been cancelled due to ‘lack of business’. WW thinks lack of openness more like…

Fast asleep and lying in filth… Who is it? Answers on a post card please.

Look Waverley, the borough’s ALERT voting fodder are sick and tired of being misled by some of you. Don’t worry all new councillors, who have yet to be completely indoctrinated by your elders, most of us are aware that you are oblivious to what is going on…and we live in hopes that you just might, start questioning the way business is being conducted and demonstrate you actually have minds of your own! WW is relying upon you to bring the above three words back into the business that is WBC – for all our sakes!

Don’t be fobbed off with their excuses for not telling you the truth – after all covering serious matters up, helped to get you there.

Stand up and be counted unless you want to end up as minced up as the rest.

One thought on “Honesty, Transparency and Integrity?”

  1. WW followers should be aware that Waverley’s Preferred Spatial Strategy and associated strategic site allocations was timetabled to be approved by the end of November. This Timetable was approved by the Council’s Executive on 1 September 2015 so one might have expected even them to achieve it. One can only assume that it should have been one of the main items on the agenda of the cancelled November Executive. So how come there was no business to discuss?
    My guess is that someone suddenly realised that any decision would need to be approved at a Full Council Meeting and hence any Executive decision could not be ratified until the planned Council Meeting on the 15th December. This six week gap might be considered far too dangerous and too long a period for the Executive to contain any fallout from ordinary Councillors over this extended period. Far better to let the distractions of Christmas intervene.

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