The incessant concrete march of developers goes on unabated…

You can understand why Waverley’s planning portal is not updated – because the council is up to its strangulated neck in planning applications, and doesn’t know which way to turn!

The other reason, just in case you’re unaware, is that Crest Nicholson, along with many other would-be Cranleigh developers, are all being aided and abetted by Cranleigh borough councillors, with County Councillor Alan Young as their ‘Cheer Leader in Chief’ and the Cranleigh Chamber of Trade hanging on their coat tails.

via Cranleigh Society

Crest Nicholson, which has planning consent for 150 homes in Horsham Road in the bag – let’s refer to that as Phase 1 – appears to have now moved onto Phase 2.  They don’t have time to attend all the ‘not-so-secret’ secret meetings at Waverley with Borough, parish councillors,  and other would-be developers – they’re too busy dig, dig, digging away. You didn’t really think they would stop at one development did you?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 17.06.19

Meanwhile back at the Threadneedle Ranch – you know the developers with the brownfield site (not to be confused with The Knowle Park Initiative that has the ‘brown nose site’ – so called locally, because KPI is so far up the local borough, county and any other councillor’s **** that it can penetrate), that Threadneedle didn’t even bother to attend the latest ‘not-so-secret’ secret meeting, because, according to rumour, they’re put off by the smell that’s permeating from the ‘not-so-secret’ secret meetings!

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  1. Can Waverley web shed any light on what is to happen to the two Cranleigh Primary School Sites? The go ahead had been given by Surrey CC to build the new school in the next couple of years on Glebelands School Playing Fields (that are subject to flooding!). This leaves two prime development sights just off the High Street. Will we see a continuation of Sarus Place which is on one side? Or will the council turn it into a car park? Any ideas?

    Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 13:36:54

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