Sheltered housing not quite so sheltered in future?

There’s a contradiction in terms then from our Council, that boasts in its report on its Ageing Well Strategy, that it is proud of its history in meeting the needs of its older residents.

It says its sheltered housing schemes (housing occupied by frail elderly people) are facing cuts because of the ageing population and reductions in government funding. The council intends to cut down staff, including those in its extra care schemes in a bid to save around £90,000 per year. However, they do intend to spend money on a “floating” service.”

According to a recent report to the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee, in 2013, the 2011 census hd highlighted that Waverley’s over 65’s stood at 25,200 and was projected to increase by 14.3% by 2020. The over 85 population is projected to increase by 28.6%. Waverley Council says it has an important challenge ahead; catering for an ever increasing group of older adults, whilst ensuring that the quality of support offered towards their wellbeing is maintained.

Dementia, says the report, poses a significant challenge, with Waverley having the highest number of residents predicted to have dementia in Surrey – no surprise there then! Waverley’s planning department will be responsible for some of this as applicants are being driven to distraction by the chaos that is ensuing there!

In a bid to “transform and modernise” Waverley intends to:

  • empower  tenants to become more independent where appropriate such as reporting their own repairs.
  • The new floating support service will support vulnerable older people over 60 to   develop their independent living skills necessary to sustain their accommodation and continue to live in the community.

In other words you’re on your own old guys and gals!

One thought on “Sheltered housing not quite so sheltered in future?”

  1. I do not believe in this ‘austerity’ rhetoric. It is political duplicity. Government/Councils will find money for things they deem important. The elderly are simply considered to be of less value because they are not generally economically useful to the greedy and highly materialistic who are full of spurious narratives and…..more to the point………. ‘humbug’!

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