And it’s not the Elmbridge Sewerage Works!

With breathtaking arrogance and flying in the face of government policy and local public opinion, Waverley Borough Council has turned down an application by the owners of Hewitt’s Industrial Estate, to build 120 homes on a BROWN FIELD site within walking distance of the village centre.

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An Industrial Estate which has for more than 30 years produced dust, fumes, concrete and in recent years very few jobs.

No calling in an application there then, Councillor Patricia Ellis, as you have done just next door at West Cranleigh Nurseries – just let the boys in the planning department throw out Threadneedle’s application under delegated powers, just like they intend to throw out the clever drummer’s scheme in Ewhurst, That too, is a major application that should have been considered by the planning committee, in a true democracy – there you are then – so no friends in high places there then either!

Ditch the ballot box” we hear voters cry. No doubt this will delight the Knowle Park Initiative, that boasts all over Cranleigh, that it has friends in those lofty places and who now is pulling the strings of The Chamber of Commerce, which opposes building on brown fields (formerly developed land)) and proposes building on Cranleigh’s green and pleasant land instead – you don’t get much greener than lettuces.The only way Waverley can justify building on fields – (two such sites have already been approved) – is if they do not have viable brown field alternatives.

WW has been doing a little digging and has discovered, thanks to the people over in Cranleigh, that Hewitt’s Industrial Estate was REMOVED from the council’s Strategic Land Assessment in 2014 – we wonder why? If anyone out there knows why – please get in touch.

Although our web has only been spinning for a few days, we have heard from some residents of Elmbridge, that everyone is turning a blind eye to the fact that more jobs will be lost at the thriving nursery site, than on the industrial estate, where neighbours say they desperately want to see housing. Said one “We have put up with the filth emanating from Hewitt’s long enough.” Well hey ho, there we go – the voting fodder of Elmbridge may get an even bigger industrial estate on their back yards and even bigger lorries.

Villagers say they are mystified by Waverley’s decision and are beginning to wonder why some Cranleigh councillors are so determined to push through housing on Cranleigh’s fields, (where there is a history of flooding), rather than a former concrete works which didn’t flood, according to the locals even in the worst flooding of 1968.

There is something rotten going on in the state of Waverley with the stench in Cranleigh causing many a nose to twitch in disgust. According to our informants in Cranleigh – and please keep contacting us – they all have their beady eyes on you!

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