Where have all ‘Your Waverley’s the planning officers gone?

We have it on excellent authority that five, yes folks, five planning officers left Waverley Towers on just one day!


Here’s a comment we received from Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth.

It simply beggars belief that we now have only One Planning committee, and they are all schlepping to Godalming to discuss ONE small Application, which may be of significance in Witley – But REALLY??

We have many large outstanding applications that have not come to the committee. We have developers here in Alfold who are not even starting the ones that have been approved as they are waiting for their additional houses to be approved.

As of this morning – I haven’t even been able to look at applications on the Planning Portal as it simply says, “An error occurred getting the documents for this item”, regardless of which application you look at!

Planning officers seem to be departing from Waverley at breakneck speed at the moment… Somebody needs to get a grip on this and fast.

One thought on “Where have all ‘Your Waverley’s the planning officers gone?”

  1. This is end game.

    WBC is finished.

    We all know it even if we don’t want to acknowledge it and a few will carry on as if nothing is happening. But it is.

    Follows cannot ignore the fact that the administration cannot continue. Primarily because his regime is a bust flush.

    Planning about to come under Govt control. Because the staff already knew it would happen . They have just got out first.

    Legal cases. Morality is fine if you can afford the bill. WBC cannot continue fighting legal cases on the grounds they don’t like the decisions.

    Social welfare is growing faster than any Council can afford. WBC cannot because of its size find the money. Whilst mainly everything else.

    My opinion remains Go bust. Go bust quickly. Get it over and done with. Waiting will only hurt more.

    This is going to be horrendous but recovery in whatever form can only start from the end of the old.


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