Coming Soon.

For the third time in just a few days, ‘Your Waverley’ slams the door on the press and public.

But not on all matters concerning The Broadwater Golf Course site just now, but according to Leader Cllr Paul Follows – coming soon.


Is it now the role of social media to shine a light into the darkest corners of Waverley Towers?

So what is it this time?

Tomorrow Tuesday, September 5, will ‘Your Waverley’ proceed with a settlement agreement to buy back the lease of the Broadwater Golf Course site for circa £150,000?

If so, why isn’t this mentioned on the agenda?

At a meeting of the EXECUTIVE on September 5, yet again, we are informed that…

Are our elected representatives comfortable slamming the doors in the faces of the residents who put them in charge of our finances?
This is our taxpayers’ money; if it’s worth doing the deal, they should have no problem explaining why it’s a good deal.

One thought on “Coming Soon.”

  1. Buying back the lease will at the very least provide some monies to the long suffering business.
    A midden is a midden. Jolly useful too from an archaeological perspective. However. I doubt any archaeologist would be interested fora other thousand years when it’s all properly compacted or exploded. I expect the developers will get there first.
    Strange. WBC is rushing around trying to find assets. Is it to fend if financial disaster? No. It’s to pay the legal fees on more appeals and defense. Another golf course is about to cause real pain. Especially as the codefendant is about to publicly slaughter WBC.
    You just couldn’t make it up.

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