Could Alfold Village Hall close?


Thousands of village halls across the country are closing down.

Could Alfold’s community asset used for anything and everything that the rural community hosts soon become one of them?

The hall that hosts parish council meetings, sports and social activities, weddings and children’s birthday parties could soon figure in the national statistics.

For Donkey’s years, it has been run by a dedicated group of volunteers. But a year ago, the council was warned the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer intended to resign. Notice of their intentions was ignored, but now a new council and its new chairman have to grapple with the dilemma.

Without Trustees and a team of volunteers to take over responsibilities for running the hall, it is in danger of closure.

According to the Parish Clerk Julie, unless Trustees and a team of supporting volunteers are found quickly, the village hall could be…

“closed for good”

She says a Chairman, Minute Secretary, Treasurer and helpers are needed for day-to-day maintenance when the incumbents leave at the end of the year.

She said the council didn’t want to see such a valuable community facility lost, saying the positions needed were both fulfilling and provided an essential service. 

If you are interested, please get in touch with or look at the hall website for further information at

Thousands of village halls are closing nationwide because they do not comply with anti-terrorism rules.

Government jobsworths insist that venues of all sizes have to implement strict security measures, including training and evacuation plans.

The new anti-terrorist legislation is being introduced due to The Manchester Arena atrocity.

A Hampshire Village Hall operator recently told a House of Commons home affairs committee that it would be “impossible to implement the measures demanded by many village halls. She said,

“Trustees have duties, but those duties appear to make us responsible for the way in which community organisations conduct their functions; we simply can’t have that level of responsibility.”

Under the new legislation, venues with a capacity of 100 people would have to undergo terror training.

They are already suffering from onerous ‘elf ‘n’ safety regulations the women flower arrangers in churches now have to undergo intrusive background and safeguarding checks.

One thought on “Could Alfold Village Hall close?”

  1. Every voluntary service society and complimentary organisation is being threatened by a Govt intent on stopping anyone from doing anything without a tonne of paperwork tens of online courses.
    For example I recently took forty online courses to volunteer for a national voluntary orgay. The minimum basic were twelve. I had the time and the curiosity to take all that was on offer. Frankly , with experience of nuclear level safety and security the majority were completely irrelevant to the normal World and whilst the courses that include and make us consider cultural differences; good old fashioned politeness and consideration to all applies. The Home Office is using a sledgehammer. Time somebody explained to them that poorly worked legislation has serious consequences.
    Contact you MP and put your case. Before there is nothing left.
    Alternatively vote the present regime out at every level. Because it’s the only way to save our way of life our freedom of speech from being squeezed out of existence.


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