‘Your Waverley’ working with others to combat the cost of living crisis.


As the current crisis worsens and impacts many residents, Waverley Council is working with its partners – the voluntary sector and parish councils to support those in need.

As many more residents continue to experience the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, Waverley joins the voluntary sector,  town and parish councils, and health authorities to support them.

Household debt is rising, and there is increasing use of foodbanks, community pantries and fuel vouchers.

The council’s community, voluntary sector partners, and NHS and Adult social care colleagues report increased mental and emotional health issues within Waverley. Some of which are in communities that are rooted in social isolation and financial and food insecurity.

This increase places significant pressure on the NHS and Social Care teams, with long waiting lists for services.

The Government’s Household Support Fund initiative helps address these locally. However, Waverley’s tranch three funding of £198,000 for October 2022 – March 2023 was spent by midMarch this year.

  The government’s 4th tranche funding allocation covering May 2023 – March 2024 is £327,764, including administration costs. As tranche 4 is for an entire year, it will be distributed to support those struggling through Waverley Borough Council, Hale Community Cupboard, Godalming Community Store, Three Counties Money Advice, Homestart and Southwest Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Services.

Waverley works closely with Haslemere Town Council, Farnham Town Council, and statutory agencies to focus on independence and prevention with the NHS Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP).

Officers told Members of the Overview & Scrutiny committee that Waverley valued its partnership with Surrey Heartlands ICP and Frimley ICP, enabling people to live independently for longer through its Careline, Care and Repair and Disabled Facilities Grant services.

The Careline Service, funded by Surrey Heartlands, provides a falls service to those who otherwise would have long waits for an ambulance. This is undertaken by Careline partners Mole Valley Life.

Our suppliers continue to have problems with alarm supply, which affects the installation rate. Unfortunately, Tunstall unexpectedly discontinued the sale of their analogue machines, and the alternative digital alarms, which many providers can source, are more expensive.The implementation of chip tech equipment is going well.

There has been a rise in safeguarding cases, and the pressures on Adult Social Care require more intervention. The council is improving its working practices to mitigate the risk to vulnerable residents through case conferences with its partners in Adult Social Care and the Police.

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  1. Which is approximately a quarter of what is needed just to cope for the next six months. Because when Winter bites the need will increase and the cupboard will be bare. I’m aware all our bodies plan for the Seasons but the situation is worsening by the week. Bluntly. We are facing another dire Winter. Unless public pressure can be brought to bare on Goverment to stop beating up the people at the bottom to keep those at the top comfortable and secure.


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