So what exactly IS going on at the wannabe hospital site in Cranleigh?

Or as described as the don’t wannabe hospital site by villagers?

Development of the former parish council-owned land called “the paddock field” in Knowle Lane has been controversial for over two decades. Its future is now shrouded in secrecy.

It appears that villagers were right behind the bid for it to become home to a replacement for Cranleigh Village Hospital when an appeal was launched more than 20 years ago by the then Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust, which then morphed into the Cranleigh Village `Health Trust. For years it has been publicly moribund. However, money is believed to be dontated, mainly through legacies.

According to a Trustee, the demise of the Trust has been exaggerated, and it still intends to “build something there.”

Waverley Planners kicked out its plans to cover the site in concrete with a private nursing home, community beds, and staff accommodation blocks.

What part of the words ‘ WE OBJECT’ doesn’t ’t Waverley Borough Councillor Patricia Ellis understand?


Now the elephant in Cranleigh’s Room is rearing its head once more.

Long-time opponent Andy Webb (nothing to do with the Waverley Web) has asked in his CVHT UPDATE.

What’s next in the pipeline for The Paddock Field?
He says:  According to the Parish Council’s latest update, CVHT is planning a consultation questionnaire for the future use of The Paddock Field. The Parish Council has made it clear that the questionnaire is discussed between themselves and the CVHT.
Why has CVHT not updated its  website or social media pages to inform the community of this?
Are they still paying Mr Bamford to update their website and social media pages? If so, they should ask for a refund!
Minutes regarding this matter taken from the Parish Council meeting held on 16 February 2023 state…


The Council had previously AGREED that any consultation questionnaire on the future use of the Paddock Field is the sole responsibility of CVHT.
CVHT discussed the Council’s decision at their Board meeting and felt it is important to point out that at the CPC/CVHT meeting on 10 January 2023, the consensus was that any questionnaire should be discussed and agreed upon by both the Parish Council and CVHT. It was not the sole decision of CVHT to consult the public through a questionnaire.
CVHT said the Trustees feel that further discussions should be deferred until after the Council elections. The Council NOTED these comments.

The council elections are now over – so what next?

In the meantime – when a Government Inspector considered Waverley’sLocal Plan Part 2.
The CVHT applied for removing the  ASVI (Area of Strategic Visual Importance) of the Paddock Field in Knowle Lane.
Villagers believed because it was trying to obtain planning permission for a private care home again or something similar.

Villagers Comments.

One Villager said on the community board:
They kept this quiet and did not publish it on their website because they didn’t want the village to know about it.
We are slowly running out of green spaces in Cranleigh, and we cannot allow this to happen.
John Winser asked: 
Why didn’t the parish council publish this meeting on the Facebook groups?


Julia Burley commented:

We already have a hospital …….and x-ray dept etc. Would have had more if it hadn’t been for the CVHT – the old Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – who, well… won’t write more ………the original plans had a new health centre and hospital…

Mr Webb wrote the following to the chairman of CVHT. Dr Robin Corbet.
Dear Robin,
Paddock Field Area of Strategic Visual Importance
I have been informed that the CVHT is seeking permission to have the ASVI removed from the Paddock Field.
With the CVHT saying they are open and transparent with the community, please answer the following?
1) What are your reasons for wanting the ASVI removed?
2) What are your plans for the future use of the Paddock Field?
3) Why did the CVHT not make this public by informing the community via your website or Facebook page?
I look forward to your reply to my questions.
Kind regards,
Andy Webb
There was no reply posted. The WaverleyWeb would welcome comments from CVHT at any time. 
Adobe Acrobat - REP-32360449-002-DMoboCVHT.pdf

The Saga continues…

Have you seen this petition yet?

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