Nobody says it better.


Nobody says it half as well as you. John Wright Smith. Because we, too, are sick of her wingeing. 

Cllr Carole Cockburn Do we have to listen to this week after week? Can’t you go back to sleep?

We must ask the Farnham Herald why it gives this resident so much air time.  

Waverley  Cllr Carole Cockburn thinks the borough’s residents were born yesterday. Does she really think  Farnham residents believe she and her colleagues had nothing to do with where the borough stands on planning and other administrative matters today?

My lady doth protest too much!

Q Who was responsible for a series of failed local Plan Part 1 and a delayed Part 2. – The Tories

Who refused the largest brownfield site in the borough from being developed for housing? The Tories.

Who persuaded the Government to intervene and call in that scheme – once they had admitted they were wrong—their Tory MPs?

Who presided over the Brightwells decision – which is short-changing both Surrey and Waverley Borough Councils for years? Where’s the £lm p.a. income you promised us, taxpayers?

The Tories.

Who initiated the new IT planning system – and a duff webcast?

Yep, you guessed. So how much more of her utter tosh do we, the residents of Waverley, have to take – from a woman who is quite happy to see the wholesale destruction of the countryside in the east of the borough?

Is that an election we see looming over the horizon?

She could ask Chancellor Jeremy why he is jumping Farnham’s sinking ship.

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