Mea Culpa, Maxima Mea Culpa to Godalming Residents Association.


When the Waverley Web makes a mistake, we put our hands up and say,


Although there is a great deal of pre-election mischief-making going on at the moment in the borough of Waverley – the blame for what occurred with the imposter of the WW cannot be laid at the door of Adam Clark and Karen Lankester of the Godalming & Villages Residents. 

It is unwise to re-Tweet before knowing exactly where the Tweet originated!   To clarify, our Tweets come from William Web 1 – and not from here: WaverleyWeb@waverley_Web.

Using that was mischievous in the extreme and has undermined our efforts and misled the residents of Waverley.  

We strongly suspect the group of residents responsible – but we will name no one at this stage. To make one mistake is terrible; to make two is reprehensible and will further damage the Waverley Web’s credibility.


No doubt some will regret statements that were made on our Comments Page – there was a good deal of pointing the finger of suspicion here and there to poor unsuspecting souls who must have wondered what had hit them. I apologise for that.

Here at WW, we have supported the Residents’ Association in Farnham, Cranleigh and elsewhere, believing them to add value and exist outside the often frenetic political maelstrom. We have no reason to think otherwise of the Godalming & Villages Residents.

So to the Godalming & Villages Residents  – we are sorry that your re-tweet prompted us and others to add two and two together and make five.

Please accept our sincere apologies and please allow us to publicise your efforts. 

2 thoughts on “Mea Culpa, Maxima Mea Culpa to Godalming Residents Association.”

  1. Twitter can be a dangerous social media platform. It causes a huge amount of misery for many who fall foul of those who choose to post unpleasantries. I believe it encourages people to behave in a way they would never have dreamed of five or ten years ago. Bullying and spiteful comment is rife, hidden behind what many see as their “right to free speech”. You only have to be aware of what has happened in the tragic Nicola Bulley case…. Which is why….I will NEVER have a Twitter account. I want nothing to do with it. Good for WW though for putting their hands up when a mistake had been made.

    1. Our Twitter Account is shortly going into the trash bin. We were appalled at what we saw and equally appalled at our rash response. We cannot apologise enough and only hope that our relationship with the Godalming and village Residents is not completely broken. Perhaps the imposter responsible for this unseemly incident should send their Twitter account to trash too?

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