Brightwells update – including Brightwells House

So maximum publicity works. 

This week, the efforts of Farnham Architect Mark Westcott to highlight the trashed state of an iconic Grade 2 Farnham building may soon be rewarded.

Has one of Farnham’s iconic buildings been trashed?

The truly shocking state of one of Farnham’s heritage buildings which Architect Mark Westcott referred to as ‘criminal damage.’ Anne Cooper, Chairman of the Farnham Theatre Assoc, has called it  “cultural vandalism’ which has left the reputation of the developer Crest Nicholson in tatters.


This week, Farnham Castle Cllr Andy Macleod updated Waverley’s Executive on Blightwells. A fiasco the present administration inherited from the Tory administration – a party now practically wiped out in Farnham. Even MP Jeremy Hunt has now abandoned his former SW Surrey electoral district for safer ground in and around Godalming, Ash and Cranleigh. Goodbye, Farnham, and hello, Godalming and Ash.

He says: Should be a PHASED  opening of Brightwells – sometime this year.

2 thoughts on “Brightwells update – including Brightwells House”

  1. This is very disappointing and a reflection surely of the inability of the Waverley Executive to manage the assets properly. The current councillors have been in situ foe nearly 4YEARS and surely they must have been visiting and monitoring the site during this time. If they have visited and inspected why have they not reported before now on this shameful situation. I’m sure we will get the usual excuse of blaming somebody else but 4YEARS of inactivity and blind ignorance says it all.

    1. There is no excuse for allowing this iconic building to be in this disgraceful condition. From its inception, the fact that Blightwells was ill-thought-out is no excuse. `Planning Officers, and in particular the Historic Buildings Officer, should have been monitoring this building – not leaving it to a member of the public to do their dirty work. Crest Nicholson should also be called to account for this development’s deviations, alterations and poor workmanship. There are no excuses. But then there is no accountability, is there?

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