Are the wheels coming off Stagecoach buses… again?

What would bus passengers do without Facebook?

Thankfully Andy Webb’s brilliant Community Pages on Facebook give passengers in the Alfold/Rudgwick/Dunsfold/Cranleigh area a regular update on bus cancellations.
Just like this one recently 
Guildford #BucksGreen #Cranleigh Due to vehicle availability, Service 63 due departs Bucks Green towards Guildford at 07:13, and will not be running.
Within minutes of it being posted, 33 people reacted- some acutely angry.

Stephanie Grant

We need to have reliable public transport in order to use it. This just puts people off!!!

Vicky Francis

This is getting ridiculous. I’ve just dropped my daughter into Guildford because the bus was cancelled, and now I’ve got to go back into Guildford to take my two sons in

Stephanie Grant

By the way, what about the people who don’t do Facebook? How do they know it’s cancelled?
Quite simple, Stephanie. They don’t! They stand at the bus stop in the freezing cold, wait for half an hour, go home, ring their workplace and say they will be late. Or give up and go back to bed! Then the government wonders why the country is not more productive.

Jean Cronin

Pity the people who need this bus to get to their workplace.
    • Andy Webb

      Stephanie Grant Stagecoach, don’t post it on Facebook. I post it here to let as many people know as possible. I’m certainly not going to knock on everyone’s door to let them know 😁

5 thoughts on “Are the wheels coming off Stagecoach buses… again?”

  1. For some the Stagecoach app is very helpful at least you know if the bus is late or on time. It would also help if consideration was given to bus drivers when parking. Agreed apps are not helpful for those who cannot afford smart phones.

  2. I check on Stagecoach updates every day, although Ewhurst, Cranleigh Guildford services have improved it is far from perfect. It would be helpful if Stagecoach buses joined the local Facebook groups to update us on their services instead of just using Twitter all the time. I try to keep Cranleigh Community Group updated as much as possible but because I also have to go to work I am not always in a position to constantly check twitter for the latest cancellations. I will contact Stagecoach and ask them to join the group.

    1. Sensible move. Let us hope that Stagecoach takes you up on your valuable suggestion. Community Groups like yours over there in the eastern villages could save bus passengers considerable inconvenience and disappointment. Well done, Andy Webb.

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