Potholes are causing serious problems in Waverley.

 Potholed roads are causing traffic hazards all over  Waverley; some roads are in terrible shape, say, motorists and pedestrians.

The Waverley Web has received dozens of messages from residents reeling off lists of dangerous potholes in the borough.

Problems exist in Ewhurst; Cranleigh; Haslemere, Farnham; Godalming and the main A281 from Horsham to Guildford. Poorly filled holes are also breaking up, scattering fillings across highways.

Pedestrians and motorists are expressing outrage at the state of roads as cars veer off the highway to avoid potholes and cut-up verges and pavements endangering pedestrians.  

A resident of Ellens Green told us that the road B2128 into Cranleigh is almost impassable from Baynards to the top of Horsham Road in Cranleigh.

He said: “It’s like a third-world country.”

Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth has written to Surrey County Councillor, Kevin Deanus, demanding action. She claims the villages are not levelling up – but levelling down!

Despite meetings with MP Angela Richardson in September 2022 and a promises residents’ forum – nothing has been heard from her since.

 “I am so fed up with the A281 towards Guildford that is riddled with potholes from the Wildwood Lane junction to Alfold Road.

It is impossible to report as  unless I get out of the car and walk on the verge and take pictures of the road and the exact location of each of the MANY potholes; the system doesn’t work. There must be at least 20-30 of them – I lost count – but I see cars swerving to avoid them when travelling to and from London. It is dangerous and seems to be bad workmanship. I have seen on Social Media that SCC will only deal with reported potholes, so if I took a picture, they would only repair that one, not the many just a few feet away. Surely that cannot be true?

 It seems ludicrous to me. On Tuesday morning, travelling to London, two cars were on the verge that had obviously swerved off the road due to the ice; according to other sources, there were 3 or 4 that morning.  Why are we allowing the major route out of our villages to become so neglected – especially when we have so many new homes being built?  We were promised infrastructure improvements to cope with it all, and thus far, we have seen little other than a few dropped pavements.

 When  major road works were carried out on the A281  in 2021. Did Surrey Highways do the same work on that section, or was it only from Elmbridge Road towards Guildford? Because if we don’t know, I will seek a Freedom Of Information request to find out.   I feel that we are being “left behind”, and it simply isn’t fair if that section of the road was repaired, why is it failing?  

She also outlines other severe problems, including flooding at the dangerous Crossways junction At Alfold Cross House, which villagers have nicknamed `Kamikaze Corner.’ 

 When we took the Dogs out the other day, a car swerved so badly I thought it was going to hit the other side of the road where we were walking with the dogs. There is obviously a drainage issue on the bend as when it freezes it is completely white with Ice.

Ms Wordsworth says it was great to see Angela Richardson visiting Alfold last September 2022 but asks, what has happened since? There are constant electrical problems with power fluctuations, and lights frequently dim. She wants to see some action.  

Water pressure is so low at peak times I have to boil a kettle to get hot water to wash up – I know we live in an old house and have rubbish pipes, as confirmed by Thames Water, – But surely we deserve better than this?

  Waverley has a wealth of  Surrey County Councillors, including Paul Follows, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, the head of planning Liz Townsend, and isn’t Cllr Kevin Deanus on the influential Surrey County Council Executive?

More messages pouring in. Here’s another one:

23 holes in Home Farm Road, Busbridge at my last count. 
St John Street Farncombe is pitted with holes
Holloway Hill Godalming has lots of holes at the lower end – they have made an attempt to fill some further up, but they are already breaking up.
There are a couple of corkers at the top of Nightingale Road on way to Farncombe.  
There is a massive hole at least a metre long and a foot deep on the Hambledon Road Godalming going to towards Clock Barn Farm. It has a broken blue/white arrow sign and a cone in it. The sign has no doubt been broken in half because some poor unsuspecting soul drove into it.
Enough said, I think. 
Binscombe Lane in Farncombe has been resurfaced. One port in a storm I supposed.


2 thoughts on “Potholes are causing serious problems in Waverley.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more on the pothole situation. The A281 has a split in the centre at one point – several metres long which forms a gulley. It looks like there has been an earthquake. I counted 23 holes in Home Farm Road Godalming this morning. I was always taught, when learning to drive, to look way ahead. I find myself looking down these days to spot and avoid potholes instead which is not the way it should be.

  2. That’s what happens when you dump 2,500 new homes in the middle of the country. There have been thousands of heavy truck journeys over unsuitable roads over the last 3 years and there is no longer a viable road surface in and around Cranleigh. No one in authority gives a toss and guess what they will permit yet more new developments!

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