Buy one- get three in Tarn Road, Hindhead say Waverley Planners


A scheme has been approved despite neighbour and councillor objections to garden grabbing to replace one home in Hindhead with four.


Cllr John Robini, Vice chairman of the Western Planning Committee, was concerned that Thames Water had made ‘no comment’ on the application to build four homes at Tarn Corner, Tarn Road. This is despite the area’s well-known and documented waste and water supply problems.

Thames Water promised it would laise with us on planning applications, I won’t be voting for the overdevelopment of this site.

Cllr Brian Edmonds said he doubted whether the highway conditions could be met, and although he could support fewer homes on the site, four was too many.

But Cllrs Simon Dear and Anna James believed the homes would fit in nicely and provide homes needed in Waverley. Cllr James believed the site could have provided even more.

Nobody wants houses built right next to them – but I am afraid that we live in that time, she said.

The ward Cllr Julian Spence pointed to all the highway problems this development would cause on a road where serious accidents occurred, including two over Christmas.

He said he had very real safety concerns over the manoeuvrability of vehicles forced to encroach onto the other side of a busy road, the dropped kerbs, and the pinch points.

This has been ill thought out, he said.

Although neighbours objected, saying the whole character of the area would be changed, the application was granted with officers’ approval by eight votes and four against.

One thought on “Buy one- get three in Tarn Road, Hindhead say Waverley Planners”

  1. Thames Water do not become involved when it is so few houses… We had the same next to us in Alfold where 4 homes replaced the MOT Centre. A year or so after the homes were completed we had sewage coming onto our Patio and Thames water came out and stated in no uncertain terms that the water pipes on the new development had been laid incorrectly, a man hole had been covered up and it was a mess……….. Heyho!!

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