Surrey’s highwaymen ride to rescue the Alford sign.

Shortly before Christmas, Surrey County Council’s highwaymen rode into Alfold to erect the village’s spanking new traffic sign featured below.

After villagers spotted the undeliberate mistake, said highwaymen swiftly returned to right the wrong – with a new sign.  Oh! No, they didn’t – oh! Yes, they did, said some villagers still in pantomime mode.

However, one eagle-eyed villager spotted the rectification of the mistake made by the sign manufacturer.

“I am very sorry to report that having thought the sign had been replaced (due to the error of the Sign Company) the sign has actually been Taped over to cover the horizontal bar of the  “r” and  a slap of Black paint to extend the vertical bar of the “r” to make it look like an “l”  

Hoping this is just a temporary fix until the new Correct sign is ready as the tape is starting to peel (due to the inclement weather)”


Now, look what the county dummies have done to Alfold.

One thought on “Surrey’s highwaymen ride to rescue the Alford sign.”

  1. Well we have what appears to be another Sticking Plaster on the sign – But at least it is the whole Name… No doubt it will soon colour up nicely and no one will notice!! – Life is too short!
    Perhaps now SCC will have a bit more time to sort out all the potholes between Alfold and Elmbridge Road on the A281 towards Guildford- No point reporting it as you would need to explain exactly where they are instead of just saying every couple of feet…………..

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