More new homes on their way to Cranleigh?

As Cranleigh’s green fields disappear at an alarming rate, along comes another cunning plan. This time to surround the Snoxhall playing fields and 29 acres of yet another part of Knowle Lane with new builds.
Gleeson homes want to build shedloads of homes and wrap them around Cranleigh Football Club’s grounds at Snoxhall and carry on the development along Knowle Lane.

Will these greedy Cranleigh landowners ever have enough money the Waverley Web wonders? Gridlocked Cranleigh, here it comes!

The Cranleigh (Unapproved) Neighbourhood Plan recently revealed that it has not only met but has exceeded the minimum requirement for housing allocations by Waverley. Unfortunately, Waverley Borough Council still does not have a 5-year housing land supply. So a couple of hundred new homes in Knowle Lane would undoubtedly help enormously.


One thought on “More new homes on their way to Cranleigh?”

  1. It might help the rest of the Borough – but it sure as hell isn’t going to help the East of Waverley… and certainly not Cranleigh, which has already taken more than its fair share of New Housing.

    For goodness sake – Knowle Lane is a small LANE filled with pot holes due to all the construction traffic. Alfold road and Wildwood Lane are again narrow and with various pinch points which mean when the HGV’s come thundering down it you are forced onto the verges. Both of them flood regularly.

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