You need a shovel for the bullsh*t perpetrated by SOME developers concreting over Waverley.


Here is some of the tripe being peddled by developers to the poor unsuspecting prospective purchasers of new properties under construction at the former Alfold Garden Centre.

Shouldn’t there be a law against developers who mislead the public? Q Developments have planning permission for 56 residential units on a 7-acre site of the former Alfold Garden Centre.

Affordable homes for village people – what a load of tosh!


Here’s the developer’s description of local amenities.

“Situated within a semi-rural location, Alfold Gardens is ideal for those who desire country living, while appreciating the benefits of nearby market towns and excellent transport links to central London, just 40 miles away.
Nearby Guildford is amongst Surrey’s most desirable towns… Even closer are the cosy coffee shops, vibrant farmer’s markets and lively restaurants of Cranleigh, whilst a few minute’s drive can take you into the Surrey Hills.

Alfold Gardens benefits from excellent transport links with nearby Farncombe station offering direct rail services to London Waterloo in under an hour and faster trains to London from Guildford.
For car journeys, the A3 … is close at hand…”


LOCATION INFORMATION: provided by a local commuter.

If “nearby” means an approx 10 mile car journey to Farncombe, or 9.5 miles to Godalming, 8 miles to Witley, 10 miles to Shalford, Milford is 9 miles. These car journeys are on mainly small B Roads so travel time can be considerably longer than one would think for such relatively short distances.

Here’s the route to Milford Station on a partially one-way cart track past the home of former Foreign Secretary and wannabe but couldn’t-be Prime Minister and now Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Here are the two alternative routes to Milford and Witley Stations from the eastern villages.

As someone who drives from Alfold to Clapham every week. I can confirm travel time varies from 1 hr 15 mins during School Holidays to 1 hr 45 mins on a normal run and I have taken 2.5hrs when there have been roadworks on the A281

 Finally, to end my Rant – They do Not mention that the nearest and ONLY shop in the village is M&S at the BP Petrol Station or that there is no Village Pub, just a small Restaurant that only opens a couple of days a week.

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