How will Waverley’s rural areas fare in the energy crisis?

It is not only the Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England that is concerned about the energy crisis in rural areas. 

Here’s a letter sent by an Alfold resident to MP Angela Richardson. 

A few short weeks ago, Guildford & Cranleigh MP revealed ideas of how her constituents could keep warm.

Are our MP’s lacking self-awareness?

Angela Richardson is knitting her way out of the energy crisis. Perhaps she can devise another cunning plan for how her constituents can dig for oil. Whoops! We forgot the Government has just given UK OIL & GAS approval for exploratory drilling on the Loxley Field in nearby Dunsfold, and everyone will have oil wells in their back gardens, and it will be just like Dallas. Guess this might be preferable to the sewage in their back gardens after heavy rain! 

Dear Angela

I don’t know if you can help – But there is a lot of “Noise” on Social Media about the fact that those of us (and it is MANY) that are Off-Grid and have to use oil for our heating will be receiving £100.00 towards our Winter costs.

Whilst this is a tiny amount compared to what the increases have been, it is better than a kick in the teeth, but as yet I have not seen how the Government are going to pay this.  Many of us use the Local Oil-Club (some don’t) I cannot see how they will be able to achieve this unless they simply make the payment via our Council tax for properties that are known to be “off-grid” some will be Calor/LPG or Oil.

You simply cannot stock up in the summer months – as you can only fill your oil tank as far as it will go as ever, I feel those of us that live in Rural communities are being forgotten across the country.

We have the added issue (personally) in that we live in a Grade II listed building, so are severely limited in what we can do with the property to make it more energy efficient. We would be highly unlikely to be granted Listed Consent for solar panels or any other means of saving energy. In 2019 we did have one of the companies that offered AirSource Heat Pumps it was about £20K with very little  Government subsidy to help pay, and what was offered was spread over years, meaning it would be a major capital outlay for us personally. I have since read that this type of heating is not suitable for older houses – and we simply cannot rip up the flooring and replace all of our radiators. We cannot (for obvious reasons) have double glazing. Loft Insulation is another contentious issue for listed properties.

I raise this as it is something that will affect all of us here in Alfold and many other rural villages in Waverley, and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Denise Wordsworth

We will print the MP’s reply if Ms Wordworth gets one.

One thought on “How will Waverley’s rural areas fare in the energy crisis?”

  1. Just an update – I did receive an email from Angela yesterday and she has passed on my comments

    “Dear Denise,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the price of heating oil, as well as energy efficiency.

    I have written to the appropriate Minister in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, bringing your correspondence to their attention. I shall be in touch as soon as I receive a substantive response from the Minister.

    In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me, should you need any further assistance”

    So we shall wait and see if this Caring Conservative Government will come up with any sort of a solution for the many that are off the National Grid

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