Hospital appointments cancelled because of Queen’s funeral

Hospital appointments around the country have been cancelled because of Queen’s funeral

 Thousands of patients waiting for surgery, maternity checks and some cancer care will be affected

GPs also allowed to close. 

Thousands of patients have had hospital appointments cancelled because of the Queen’s funeral.

Some NHS trusts have said that all non-urgent procedures and clinic appointments will be postponed, including hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery, maternity checks and some cancer treatments.

Many patients had been waiting months for surgery – only to have it cancelled a week beforehand. In a letter to one patient, the NHS blamed…

“unforeseen circumstances”.

Doctors at one central London hospital trust were told:

“The day of the State Funeral will be treated as a bank holiday so please go ahead and start rescheduling patients.”

Waited three weeks for a specialised maternity appointment booked for Monday, but now it doesn’t appear to be going ahead – I’m 8 months pregnant and struggling the most at this time. I’m devastated…
I’m a chemotherapy patient and had a Covid booster booked for the 19th carefully timed around my treatment. Now cancelled and can’t rebook for weeks. Just hope I stay safe!
Martin Glasser
You’ll be delighted to know that NHS England has issued flag-flying guidance to Trusts for the funeral. No news yet about my wife’s cancer surgery scheduled for that day

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