Is Alfold’s Emily cross about another planning appeal?

However much the villagers of Alfold keep on complaining, those planning appeals just keep on coming as Alfold looks set to join Dunsfold’s new Garden Village.

When the development at Dunsfold goes ahead the question on everyone’s lips is…

Will Alfold lose its landscape buffers?  Lose its identity and be subsumed into another settlement?


Emily Cross 



An Appeal has been submitted to the Secretary of State against Waverley Borough Council following the refusal of planning permission for the extra houses behind Sweeters Field and Chilton Close on Loxwood Road, Alfold.
 LAND CENTRED COORDINATES 504068 134671 EAST OF LOXWOOD ROAD, ALFOLD a Development by Bewley Homes: A scheme for 80 homes (24 designated as “affordable” which have already received outline planning approval at appeal with costs awarded against ‘Your Waverley. ‘ The same scheme now goes back into the Inspector’s lap for the design and layout!
Approval of Reserved Matters (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale following Outline Permission granted under WA/2019/0745 for the erection of up to 80 dwellings (including 24 affordable) with associated landscaping, open space and SUDs (as amended by plans received 31/01/2022). Application Reference: WA/2021/01856 Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/R3650/W22/3298060 Planning Inspectorate Appeal Starting Date: 11/08/2022

Linda Brecke

When will these idiots understand, that Alfold doesn’t need any more houses, there is no infrastructure to support more houses.
Why don’t these developers just go away, they are ruining our villages, we don’t need any more houses in Alfold or Loxwood. We are already overflowing 🤬

Vivien Chilton

Linda Brecke Well said. It is only about money to them. The owners don’t live round here – let them build where they live.


Let us all hope Conservative MP Angela Richardson, who recently visited Alfold for reasons other than dropping election leaflets through doors, has a clear idea of the issues Alfold is facing as a village.

Maybe after her walkabout, she has a better idea, of what will come if there isn’t meaningful engagement with developers and utility companies to ensure that residents both current and future are not left short in terms of their needs.

Alfold managed to keep the water running,  although very low-pressure Thousands of homes in Waverley were without water. last weekend unlike Cranleigh and Ewhurst, where it dried up completely and the taps ran dry.

Mrs Richardson intends to hold a Public Forum to discuss Alfold issues in November., which will include its water/sewage/and general infrastructure problems.





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