Thousands of homes in Waverley without water.

Villagers tell: ‘Thames Water,

this is totally unacceptable’

Waverley and Cranleigh councillor Liz Townsend’s fear for elderly folk queuing in over 30 degrees for rationed bottled water.


Cranleigh High Street was almost at a standstill as cars travelled into the town from far and wide to find the only water station at Cranleigh Recreation Centre. At one-point bottled water ran out completely.

Households in and around the eastern villages of Cranleigh and Ewhurst have awoken to either very low water pressure or no supply at all today (Saturday, August 13), due to “technical issues” at Thames Water’s Netley Mill Water Treatment Works.

The affected postcodes are GU5, GU6, RH4, RH5 and RH12 – among other places this covers also covers the Mole Valley Area of Dorking. 

In a statement, Thames Water said:

“Our specialist engineers are on site and are working hard to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We’ve been using tankers to pump water into the local supply network to help improve the situation. We are opening bottled water stations this morning for those who need temporary supplies. We will confirm the locations and opening times here, as soon as possible.

“We know how worrying and disruptive it is to be without water, especially in this hot weather. Thank you for your continued patience while we work to get supplies back to normal. We’ll post updates here, once we have further information.”

Residents have slammed  Thames Water for how the company has handled the situation. Most rage seems to be about the lack of water bottle stations.

11 thoughts on “Thousands of homes in Waverley without water.”

  1. We have plenty of winter rainfall, with little if any new infrastructure put in place since the last drought, to capture this water or tap into natural reserves.
    Not only that, it’s been far too long since proper attention has been paid to stemming leakages and managing water usage.
    It’s now time for a long term strategy to be put in place, to keep pace with climate change.

      1. Your MP is MP for Guildford & Cranleigh – Angela Richardson who is far too busy canvassing for Rishi Sunak to concern herself with the serious water issues on her patch. `Other than, of course, to direct the public to Cranleigh Recreation Centre to pick up bottled water

  2. Thames Water should have a list of their vulnerable customers and deliver water to them.

    The UK’s regulatory system is broken, and we are regressing to a third world nation status in too many areas. We have a water disaster MPs should be recalled to Parliament and the Environment Secretary called to explain why we have got into this mess. The senior members of the Civil Service responsible should be disciplined if they cannot provide a reasonable explanation. They should also explain why the only desalination plant in the UK is unserviceable. We need an end to platitudes and an urgent transition to solutions. We have built too many unaffordable homes without the water and sewage supporting infrastructure.

    1. You are one hundred per cent right, Mr Edmonds. Angry is an underestimation of how those left without a basic necessity feel today. It is simply dangerous to leave young families and the elderly without water to flush their toilets. Water should be delivered to their homes.

      As for planning applications, When is TW going to be honest with the planners and more to the point Government Inspectors and tell it as it is? It simply cannot provide the infrastructure required for the huge amount of development being provided. Simples.

  3. Maybe Thames Water will be more truthful in the future when the planning authority asked them about their ability to supply to new development’s, they just seem to agree that there will be no problems.

  4. I work in hospitality in an area affected by the latest issue. We have no running water but some left in the tanks for loos and showers. TW so value your custom that it took 45 minutes this morning for them to answer the phone. Disgrace
    To rub salt into the wound, I’ve lost count of the number times the roads have been closed in Holmbury, to fix water leaks that leak again and again. There’s no accountability.

    1. WW followers have repeatedly referred to the water leaks that gush down the roads you mention. TW continually ignore leaks all over the borough.

    1. Give Angie Richardson a ring – she only lives just around the corner – she is going to sort out all Alfold’s problems – so no doubt she can sort out yours Jo?

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