Good news from Friends of the Earth as parts of Britain burn!


Dear Waverley Web,

I’m thrilled to share some brilliant news with you today.  

You may know that this year we took the UK government to court over its flawed climate policy – the Net Zero Strategy. 

And yesterday evening the High Court announced its judgment. We won.  

In a landmark ruling, the judge found that the government acted unlawfully on 2 grounds. The strategy doesn’t show how it’ll meet the UK’s obligations under the Climate Change Act, which undermined public transparency and accountability. And it was wrongfully approved in the first place by the Secretary of State, who didn’t have this essential information when signing it off. 

In court, it was revealed that the Net Zero Strategy would not reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to meet the UK’s legally binding climate targets. The government had done the calculations and knew about this shortfall. But it held back this crucial information from both the public and parliament. 

With the UK going through a “national emergency” level heatwave, the effects of climate breakdown and the need for urgent meaningful government intervention are only becoming more evident. So this is a truly historic win, achieved alongside ClientEarth and Good Law Project. 

Huge thanks to those of you who chipped in with donations to support our campaign. I’m proud to have been part of this case – and you should be too. You’re part of the movement that powered it. 

Now the Net Zero Strategy has been found unlawful, the government’s got to revise its plans to include essential details explaining how it will meet the UK’s targets. With sound policies that stand up to the scrutiny of independent climate experts. 

The court ordered that the government must publish a new strategy by 31 March 2023 at the latest. We’ll all benefit from a refreshed strategy that does what it’s supposed to and delivers emissions reductions, and a more climate-friendly economy. 

Thanks to your support we launched this legal case, brought the government’s failures and lack of transparency to light in court – and ultimately, secured a win for both people and the planet. Now that’s a testament to what we can achieve together. 

It’s a moment to celebrate, but there’s still more to do. With Westminster in chaos and a health-threatening heatwave putting people across the country at risk, we must push for urgent climate action from our leaders. And with your help, our legal team and campaigners can continue their work holding the UK government to account. 

So if you can, would you consider joining us as a member by starting a regular donation?

Thank you Waverley Web for everything you’ve done so far. 

All the best, 

Katie de Kauwe

3 thoughts on “Good news from Friends of the Earth as parts of Britain burn!”

  1. It is excellent news that some are concerned for application of environmental law this case provides some excellent information and lessons especially for the rational limitation of a politician in paragraph 199. Unfortunately too often the precis is inadequate.

    199. “A minister only takes into account matters of which he has personal knowledge or which are drawn to his attention in briefing material. He is not deemed to know everything of which his officials are aware. But a minister cannot be expected to read for himself all the material in his department relevant to the matter. It is reasonable for him to rely upon briefing material. Part of the function of officials is to prepare an analysis, evaluation and precis of material to which the minister is either legally obliged to have regard, or to which he may wish to have regard.

    1. Thank you Brian for the very beneficial information. We will follow the very helpful link and expand on this important subject. WW

  2. Excellent work by all concerned. Except the Govt will push the date and then push again. Then start a new Bill to replace the present one and work on replacing the judiciary that stood in its way. Please understand your efforts are fantastic. But you are not dealing with a democratic regime. Things have changed and anything and anybody that stands in their way gets pushed aside. It’s not even good old party politics; it’s individuals with power working to same agenda set by billionaires making more billions.
    Take fracking at Dunsfold.
    It will happen. Because Waverley has been knee capped, it cannot afford to stand up to the Govt. If it did. That would be the end of Waverley slightly sooner than planned. Protest and make noise get beaten up arrested and jailed. Any of those or all.

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