Surprise, surprise – Waverley MP Angela Richardson isn’t backing Jezza.

The MP for Guildford and villages has been joined by her neighbour SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt in the realisation they are in a sticky situation.


So there is no way Guildford and Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson is going to pin her colours onto her neighbouring colleague who may be a loser in the leadership election.

So Angela is not backing Jezza – she’s backing the man with the main chance Rishi Sunak. Just like she did last time!

Elbow, elbow, wink, wink our love affair is over, there’s a new man in my life dishy Rishi. You’re yesterday’s man!

Here’s what her running mate in the next election had to say about the incumbent that has only a 4,000 majority.

Zoe Franklin, the prospective Lib Dem candidate for Guildford, a seat that will be high on the Lib Dem’s target list, was unforgiving of Ms Richardson’s stance on the leadership of her party over recent months.

Ms Franklin said:

“It has been shocking and shameful to see Guildford and Cranleigh’s Conservative MP stand loyally by Boris Johnson and his Government through years of scandals and lies. It is clear Angela Richardson only acted at the last minute to save her own skin.”

Read more in the fantastic Guildford Dragon
 Jeremy Hunt denied speculation that Sunak’s campaign engineered MPs’ votes to help him clear the first hurdle of the contest.

 Will it be …  Bye Bye Jeremy tomorrow night? In the line-up, he already looks like a rabbit caught in headlights.

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