Waverley’s Lib Dems and Labour unite to condemn the Tory Government.

As the rat race begins our Waverley opposition parties speak out.

Waverley’s Liberal Democrat Leader has shared his reaction to the resignation of the Prime Minister as Leader of the Conservative Party.

Councillor Paul Follows, the Leader of Waverley Borough Council who is also the Lib Dems prospective parliamentary candidate told the Waverley Web:

SW Surrey’s Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate  Paul Follows.

“This has been a long time coming. But it has only taken this long because of the Prime Minister’s massive sense of entitlement and his belief that he is above the laws that govern the rest of us. 

He has been enabled and propped up at every stage by the Conservative Party and Conservative MPs across the country – including here in South West Surrey. We need a real and more fundamental change in this country , not just a change of Tory leader, and I hope that opportunity will come soon.”

While we now move into months of in-fighting, sqabbling and chaos as the Conservative party focus on their leadership contest, the governent is essentially crippled.Most government departents have sigmificant gaps. The ministry responsible for local government is virtually emty, the department of educationhas n=been abandoned by government in the months before the first exames since the pandemic.

As business grinds to a halt, it becomes even more important that the progressive coalition at Waverley Borough Council continue locally to govern professionally and with competance and compassion.

As leader of the council, my first duty is to that responsibility and the people of Waverley and to ensure that residents can have confidence and faith in at least one tier of government.

South West Surrey Labour say:

‘Every day they spend on internal in-fighting is another day not spent on helping the British people,’ 

Nick Palmer WBC Labour Councillor and former Member of Parliament.

Nick Palmer, leader of the Labour Group at Waverley Borough Council and Chair of South West Surrey Labour Party, has had his say.

Mr Palmer, himself a former MP, told the Waverley Web:

“SW Surrey Labour welcomes the belated resignation statement by Boris Johnson, but notes that the Conservative Party has apparently agreed to leave him in office for some months while they leisurely choose a new leader. Meanwhile, the cost of living crisis continues to grow with no coherent Government leadership.

The Conservatives have run out of ideas and every day that they spend on internal in-fighting is another day not spent on helping the British people through the crisis. Instead of a leadership election, we need a General Election to give Britain a chance of new progressive leadership.

Labour will be working with our partners in the Waverley coalition to maintain constructive, stable policies to keep our community safe in these alarming times.”





4 thoughts on “Waverley’s Lib Dems and Labour unite to condemn the Tory Government.”

  1. I certainly wouldn’t give my vote to ANY of those who SERVED under Boris. Funny how they discovered their “integrity” all of a sudden? Crikey, there aren’t enough greasy poles to go around them all. The only half credible possibility, Ben Wallace, has declared he won’t stand (and I don’t blame him)

    1. Jeremy Hunt is also not very familiar with integrity. Campaigning to ensure Carillion plc get government contracts & light-touch regulation up to the week before they went into liquidation. Nothing to do with the job lot of Southampton dock flats he got on the cheap. And, what about his preparations for a Pandemic, the one that has recently robbed us of our loved ones, our social lives and for some of us – our jobs. We won’t even mention junior doctors, who will probably need intensive care should he become Prime Minister!

      1. His bully boy tactics against our junior doctors (backbone of the NHS) with manipulation of death rates over the weekend, was nothing short of a disgrace. Imposing 7-day working into their contracts (when most of them work the weekend already) in return for an 8% pay increase. Excuse me Jeremy…..it was a measly 2% per annum over 4yrs. This blatantly unfair treatment rumbled on for years, until under Matt Hancock it was finally resolved. For Jeremy’s support of Conservative dogma he was of course promoted to Foreign Secretary. From longest serving Health Secretary to the shortest serving Foreign Secretary?

      2. It says something that even his fellow running-mate over in Guildford isn’t backing Jeremy. But, no doubt, knowing Guildford MP Angela Richardson’s record for sucking up to Boris, she will be sucking up to Rishi in the hope she gets another job she can be sacked/resign from?
        As for those Junior Doctors – those that are still in the country have long memories. However, many are working happily abroad.

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