Guildford PPC calls out Guildford & Villages MP for her hypocrisy.

Zoe Franklin The Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate has called out MP Angela Richardson for her hypocrisy.

Are the sands of time running out for this couple of hypocrites Jeremy & Angie?

The MP here takes us for fools and thinks we don’t know what she is ….. but her voting record is there for all to see.

As I have just reminded #Guildford and Cranleigh‘s MP, Angela Richardson she may well be against the drilling and exploration of fossil fuels at Dunsfold BUT when the opportunity came up in the Commons to vote to restrict and ban this type of fracking and fossil fuel extraction she voted against.
Aw! Come on Zoe, she isn’t opposed to fracking and fossil fuel extraction – just objects to it being on her patch, because, along with Jeremy Hunt she sees their seats disappearing fast!

Here’s what Cllr. Paul David Follows has to say about Hunt’s voting record.

 Lots of discussions this week about the voting record of our local MP

after his ‘anger’ at the government has allowed fracking at #Dunsfold but voted not to ban the practice as part of the environment act. Well, let’s look at some other topics too?


By Jove here’s his letter to Gove – no doubt the Levelling up Guru will want to resolve the issue for his colleagues – won’t he? And he will be all ears to Jeremy after his recent faux pas and Angie one of his former bag carriers? That is before she resigned, was reinstated, was sacked or resigned. In, out, in out and shake it all about!

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