Improving care choices and support for older people in Surrey


But, a Farnham councillor has a different view.

Extra care support

 Farnham Residents’Group Cllr Brian Edmonds has a “burning question on elderly care” for Surrey Leader  Tim Oliver…

Wrecclesham & Rowledge Cllr Brian Edmonds believes elderly care should be funded out of progressive national taxation and not regressive council tax.

Council tax has become so unaffordable for many that some require help just to afford to pay it. Elderly Care Council Tax is an absurdity for those in Surrey because most property owners are ineligible for elderly care.

Surrey returns more estate duty (Inheritance Tax) to central Government than any other county in the country, yet central government pocket it. Pensioners in the South East are twice as likely to pay for their own care as those in the North East. Nearly 1 in 3 pay for their own care.

The Surrey taxpayer may now be forced to pay an extra 3% council tax for elderly care from which they are barred. No wonder we have funding problems when SCC cannot get a fair settlement from central Goverment. Excessive punative taxes are a clear indication of a lack of  governance. Cllr Oliver would be wise to take the advice of Lord  Frost on excessive taxation.

The County Council now says it wants to …

Ensure no one is left behind in Surrey

In line with its ambition to tackle inequalities in health and ensure no one is left behind, older people with complex needs will be given a greater choice over their care and support under a new adult social care plan. 

The plan was put together with input from residents, unpaid carers, staff and providers. It outlines how the council will work with the NHS and private care providers across the county to create more places in specialist facilities for those needing intensive support – whether they’re eligible for social care services or not.

Fit for the future

SCC will invest more in services to help people stay healthy and happy in their local communities for longer, including enabling more residents to benefit from day services and activities.

The plan also sets out how people will be supported to live at home as long as they can, with care and support, including the use of pioneering technology that keeps people safe and independent at home – if that is right for them. More details about this are available in the full Surrey News story.

Central to its plan is to provide 725 homes by 2030 in extra care housing, offering people their front door with care and support always on hand. Find out more by watching the video below.

You can access the entire plan by visiting the council meeting agenda web page, item number 217/21.

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