Did our Waverley MP Jeremy question Russian money?


The strong smell of money can be very alluring.  

It appears our South West Surrey MP couldn’t resist the smell and received £128,000 from the Russians.

However, perhaps he donated it to charity?

AS THE REST of the world watched the Berlin wall fall in 1989, rejoicing in the liberation of millions, the west’s bankers, lawyers, accountants and our politicians smelt money. Lots of it!

Whatever the future held for countries east of the iron curtain, it was sure to involve a monumental financial shake-up and some very big paydays.

You have to ask why, when Russian-linked donations were made to them, none of these MPs questioned why?


Our Jeremy gets everywhere?
JH is also part of the report team.
Read in the link below.



New figures from the Electoral Commission released today show the Conservatives accepted another £80,000 from Lubov Chernukhin in the last quarter!


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