Jeremy Hunt says “We are actually less corrupt than most countries”

The former foreign secretary should know?

Better check his expenses again!

Our South West Surrey MP Hunting for the truth?  

After the expenses scandal heaped a lorry-load of shame on Westminster MP’s of all political persuasions, promised to stop milking us, dummy taxpayers.

Ten or more years on from the revelations of all that tawdry greed during the expenses scandal, with inflation soaring, and the voting fodder forced to tighten their belts a notch or four, have our conceited MP’s been true to their word? The answer is – No! In addition to their plump salaries, which will increase this year, they have family members claiming as much as £60,000 a year for their clerical functions. They claim expenses for hotels and apartments when they already own flats and run up substantial expense accounts, even though we mere mortals pay for car parks, and our lunches and drinks aren’t subsidised!

£500,000 for a private plane to Australia just a couple of weeks ago, Liz Truss? since when hasn’t a scheduled first-class flight sufficed?

But don’t worry, Jeremy – you are right; we most definitely are less corrupt than many other countries – aren’t we? What a bunch of paragons of probity you all are?


2 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt says “We are actually less corrupt than most countries””

  1. Transparency International ranks the UK as the World’s 11th least corrupt. However when MPs claim expenses less than £1 it is reasonable to consider if it is ethical. There is also concern for contract award during the pandemic and the fraud associated with furlough and “jump back” loans. Fraud has also become increasingly popular! Corruption can also occur unintentionally in thought, process and system.

    Staffordshire County Council has provided some useful guidance including an explanation of corruption.

    “Corruption does not in itself define a specific crime in the UK, however it is a term used to describe a wide range of unethical behaviour, including fraud and bribery.”

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