Will MP Angie be bumping elbows with Boris after she votes against the Government – again?

Will Guildford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson be among the Government Minister’s bag carriers to join the Tory revolt over vaccine passports?

The Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Gove Minister for Housing & Levelling up has  told her constituents that she intends to vote against new Covid restrictions, saying:

Mrs Richardson is one of three ministerial aids to Michael Gove; the third may not vote at all, which apparently could lead to him being sacked if he has not agreed to his absence from the House with the whips. Therefore,  today’s vote could leave the Minister with NO PPS’s. 

If Mrs Richardson is among those determined to rebel today, Tuesday, it is another damaging blow to the Prime Minister. (A long list of PPS’s – are technically unpaid members of the Government who are given a pass and access to the ministerial buildings. If they do rebel, they will be expected to resign.

This would mean as many as one-quarter of the Government’s team of ministerial aids are on “resignation watch.”

Mrs Richardson was sacked several weeks ago for abstaining on a crucial Government vote but was reinstated 24 hours later. 

She was reinstated as his PPS a mere 14 hours after she was sacked for disobeying Boris the Bully’s order to help save Owen Paterson from taking his lobbying punishment like a grown-up.

Until then, it was unheard of for Angie to ignore the whip. Not that we know she did – much more likely, she was out posting a selfie! Better known as the ‘Kodak Kid’,  Angie has never knowingly disobeyed her Buddy Boris. Does she pay newspapers to put up great big pictures of her preening into their lenses?

Shouldn’t the sacking and reinstatement of MP Angela Richardson be entering The Guinness Book of Records?

MP for SW Surrey Jeremy Hunt has remained silent so far. Has anyone out there seen or heard from Jeremy?


2 thoughts on “Will MP Angie be bumping elbows with Boris after she votes against the Government – again?”

  1. I would be hard pushed to include mandatory vaccination for any group, in the same category as medical experimentation on humans, which the Nuremberg Code is designed to prevent. Spoken like an anti-vaxxer Ms Richardson.

  2. Oh course it’s experimentation, just like Nuremberg as the so-called vaccines are experimental in themselves and only have emergency authority use.
    Get your facts right Mr Smith.

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