Ewhurst and eastern villages of Waverley is a COVID hotspot.


Ewhurst – home to the rich and famous has the fourth-highest COVID-19 infection rate in the South East!


The pretty village which nestles into the Surrey Hills is more famous for the blockbuster films made there. Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and the credits roll on and on.

Here at the WW, we cannot fully understand why Ewhurst was linked with Chiddingfold – 20 miles away in the infection rate data of 1,000 cases per 100,000 people in the week beginning October 7? However, we believed the  Public Health England figures must include the eastern villages between Ewhurst and Chiddingfold. Confusing or what? 

For the week to October 6, the neighbourhood of Ewhurst & Chiddingfold in Waverley had the highest rate in Surrey with a figure of 1103.3.

Weybridge Riverside and Oatlands in Elmbridge follow, with infection rates of 1103.3 and 945.9, respectively.

Ranked from highest to lowest infection rate, 77 neighbourhoods in Surrey currently have a higher infection rate than the national average for England.

It is important to note that these neighbourhoods are small in size, meaning that a slight increase in case numbers can signal a significant increase in infection rate.

Health officials set up a Covid testing centre in the village for two weeks, which has now been removed.




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