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Here’s a brief update on the changes that we have implemented to grass cutting across the borough as part of No Mow May and our plan to continue to allow wildflowers to thrive in many of our parks, open spaces and roadside verges.
Throughout May we continued to cut our sports pitches, playgrounds and senior living housing sites. As we moved into June we resumed grass cutting at housing sites with communal gardens, increased the area of cut grass in some of our parks and resumed cutting in our cemetery and closed churchyards. Many of the rural verges that we cut on behalf of Surrey County Council are only due to their first cut in June and our contractors have been working through these sites and dealing with any issues that were reported by residents.
The grass on either side of paths through many of our parks and amenity areas has been cut to keep the paths clear and help with social distancing. As part of the changes to our grass cutting regime, we are keeping a record of all of the feedback we receive which is enabling us to understand how different sites are used by residents and visitors, in turn, will allow us to work with our contractors to adapt our revised grass cutting to suit these uses.
As I have mentioned previously, if you have any questions or comments please share them with Waverley’s officers via parks&countryside@waverley.gov.uk so that we can answer any questions and add them to our records. We will be using the feedback received this year to help us to plan for next year, enabling us to identify which sites would benefit from a change to their grass cutting regime and which require a more flexible approach to maintenance depending on their use by residents, or to accommodate events.
We have also begun the first spray of a non-glyphosate weed killer in our parks and on Surrey County Council highway sites at four points across the borough, this extends the trial that we started last year as part of our pledge to reduce the use of pesticides and we will be monitoring this throughout the year.
Here are some pictures of my no-mow May grass! Hoping for more flowers next year.

Claire Clarke

Thanks for the info Liz, so good to see a more flexible approach to grass cutting. Longer grass & wildflowers are so beneficial to wildlife that badly needs help & so much more attractive for us too …. what’s not to like! 👍Not quite so happy in Godalming though?😊

Latest Update on A281 Roadworks. From Andy Webb on Cranleigh Community Board.

Due to the rainfall, the Surrey Highways team were unable to carry out anticipated works on the A281 in recent days. To make up for the lost working time on Thursday night, there will be night works on Monday 21st June, then no works on Tuesday in order for the team to rest and get back on day time schedule ready to recommence day works on Wednesday 23 June. You will be kept updated if for any reason they are unable to work tonight.
Timings will be as follows and the advanced warning signs will be updated:
Road closed:
18 – 21 June from 8 pm – 6:30 am
23 June – 7 July from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

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