Britain’s Council Tax Burden … going up – Taxpayers Alliance.


You can look up all the Band D Council Tax costs across the country including all the boroughs around ‘Your Waverley’ including Guildford and `Mole Valley – together with the average house prices. Makes interesting reading.

Not content with one media hit on GB News The Taxpayers’ Alliance we nabbed a second – as it analysed the affordability of council tax bills when compared to average income and house prices across local authorities. Millions of us bear the council tax burden but some households are hit much harder than others. Some less affluent areas face a higher council tax burden than many wealthy metropolitan London boroughs.

For example, Blackpool has the lowest average earnings in the UK at £19,808 but charges £1,998 per year in council tax on average – 10 per cent of the average salary. On the other side of the coin, Islington in north London has the highest earnings at £41,329, but charges £1,640 in council tax, making it the fifth lowest council tax burden.

Though council tax is paid from our incomes, as our interactive heat maps clearly show, differences were seen when comparing council tax bills and local house prices. While households pay on average 0.81 per cent of their house price in council tax, some areas such as Hyndburn saw this rise as high as 2.18 per cent of the average house price. 

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