The build, build, build in Farnham set to increase?

Townsfolk predict the extra traffic generated from 320 new homes will bring Farnham traffic to a standstill.

Oops! Isn’t it already gridlocked?

Farnham. Dubbed the most polluted town in Surrey

Tomorrow Tuesday Waverley Planners are all set to give the go-ahead for diggers to move onto three green fields at Coxbridge Farm, in West Street Farnham – despite local concerns.

They also now admit:

“That the Council does not have a 5-year housing land supply!”

 Our sources, or as former Leader John Ward called us – “the rumour mill or the jungle drums”  tell us that Waverley Borough Council is now pooping its pants over the very real threat posed to its Local Plan by the potential loss, or long delay of the Dunsfold Park Garden Village to any use other than housing. 

Make no mistake, a delay in housing delivery at Dunsfold Park is a serious issue for Waverley.  Numerous developers and would-be developers are licking their lips and rubbing their hands in glee as they feverishly measure up yet more fields in this green and pleasant borough. They are already racking up fees for planning applications and budgeting for appeals they can’t fail to lose now that the future of Dunsfold Park circa 3,200 homes is, at worst, in the balance, and at best, horribly delayed.

Objectors now fearing for the future of Farnham are saying: 

 West Street is already at a standstill at peak hours. This proposal (WA2019/0770) will cause gridlock. – With no mention of public transport links or services. 

Developers: want to build  320 dwellings (including 96 affordable) with landscaping, public open space and infrastructure provided it enters into a  legal agreement by 18/11/2021. This secures the  30% affordable housing (70% social rented and 30% shared ownership,) contributions towards the SANG (Areas of Natural Greenspace) and SAMM; travel plan vouchers; contribution towards highway improvements; SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes) management/maintenance; open space management/maintenance; provision of LEAP/LAP; (play areas)contribution towards waste and recycling containers and 20 conditions.

Planning Officers say although it is a greenfield of 11.4ha the site is within the Built-Up Area Boundary of Farnham and is included in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan. It is also in a sustainable location and meets the Local Plan’s housing target.

You can read what it says about its housing land supply here; 


Recommending approval officers say the site on the north side of West St and 120m east of the Wrecclesham/A31 roundabout is considered to be in a sustainable location with good accessibility to local services and facilities.  Therefore, the principle of development is acceptable. It is also key in assisting the Council in achieving its housing targets set out in the Local Plan

Highways matters had been considered extensively. It is inevitable that a scheme of this nature will result in an increase in traffic generation, however, it had been demonstrated that the development would not have a harmful impact on the local road network, particularly when various mitigation measures are taken into account and junction improvements anticipated to come forward through the Farnham Infrastructure Programme (funded via CIL). It is also considered acceptable from a highway safety perspective as various highways improvements accompany the proposal including the upgrading of two substandard bus stops.

Objectors include in their reasons that two-and-a-half and three-storey dwellings are out of keeping with the Farnham landscape.

Thames Water has identified that some capacity exists within the foul water network to serve 160 dwellings. However, beyond that, upgrades to the waste and water network will be required.

Conditions recommended that there is no occupation beyond the 160th dwelling until confirmation has been provided either that all foul water network upgrades required to accommodate the additional flows from the development have been completed, or that a development phasing infrastructure plan is agreed with Thames Water to allow additional development to be occupied



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