MP Jeremy Hunt gets close and personal with Waverley’s residents?

Are we here at the Waverley Web the only residents to be surprised to get a letter and survey from Jeremy Hunt, with no reference to a political party?

Surely not – we hear you cry? Not with the county elections due in May? He cannot be on the campaign trail, supporting his Tory colleagues, can he – surely not?

The fine,  print on our copy says…

“Your name and address were obtained from the Register of Electors, provided to us as a Registered Political Party”?

Please note the “us.”

Unless of course, Jeremy is using the royal “us,” it presumably means the Conservative Party. So actually if one responds to the survey, one is replying to the Conservative Party? And yet the reply address is a choice of two different Parliamentary ones, not to be used for party purposes.

So is it a party letter? (in which case the Parliamentary addresses shouldn’t be used) or is it a private letter? (In which case the Conservative permission to access the unpublished sector of the register shouldn’t be used)?
Just a thought Jeremy – perhaps someone could contact us, and all the other residents you wrote to, and explain? At
However, we won’t hold our breath awaiting a response – because breath is so good for us!

5 thoughts on “MP Jeremy Hunt gets close and personal with Waverley’s residents?”

  1. It caused some comment in our household where the more genteel member of said household mused about why Mr Hunt would be writing to us now. I pointed out that the Conservative electioneering missive for the County Council election (which coincidentally came through the door the same day) stressed how our candidate was working with Mr Hunt on improving cancer services, thus linking the two things very firmly in my mind. Seriously, what’s not to like about improving cancer services – but when was it ever a County Council service?

    1. Why indeed is he writing to us now? Because he is fearful that the voting fodder will want to put a new face on Surrey County Council and end the present Tory rule. As for improving cancer services. Where was he when he was the longest-serving health secretary in history? Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Nicola Sturgeon’s book and support the call to properly reward all the NHS staff, who have gone way beyond the call of duty during this awful pandemic. The 1% rise is derisory – and using the excuse that other public sector workers’ salaries have been frozen is disgraceful. They have all been furloughed – nursing staff have worked around the clock to save our and our loved-ones lives. Shame on Jeremy Hunt to use cancer services as an election gimmick, when he knows full-well this is not a county council responsibility.

      1. Didn’t he tell Boris the other day that he thinks NHS staff should be paid more.

        Jeremy in fairness does actually seem to be Trying to Improving cancer services locally seems to have been something he’s done a lot of over the past 6 months as he’s written to me about it before.

        Seems you just dislike him trying to help us.

      2. Wasn”t Jeremy Hunt the longest-serving Health Secretary the country has ever had? Didn’t he have every opportunity to ensure that nursing staff received a decent wage? Perhaps even be allowed free parking? In some hospitals even provided with a parking space? We could go on, but we won’t!

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