Some day over the rainbow in Haslemere’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

If the people of Haslemere could wish upon a star this Area of Great Landscape Value, Outstanding Natural Beauty and Green Belt will stay just as it is pictured here.  A greenfield burgeoning with wildlife. 

With Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 public consultation now closed, officers are currently sorting through the responses. The consultation called for the public to support or object to sites within the plan which includes this land At Red Court in Haslemere.

Only 7 days to pitch in to help Haslemere protect its green spaces.

So how many homes ARE proposed at Haslemere’s Scotland Park?

Let’s hope for the sake of Haslemere people Waverley’s new administration will do what it said on the tin. Be open, honest and transparent and listen to the views of local people.


2 thoughts on “Some day over the rainbow in Haslemere’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”

  1. Hopefully, Waverley has a nice surprise in store Haslemere:
    “Where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops”

    1. What a simply delightful response. Thank you John-you made our miserable day. A day in which everything that could go wrong – went wrong! if only troubles would melt like lemon drops?

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