The Cranleigh Health Hydra – rears up with yet another head.

Cranleigh Village Heath trustees, – who now call themselves  ‘Directors,’ – are boasting a new registered office address in the home of an Investment Company, called Omnium Wealth.  All sounds a bit too ominous to us!!!

They are also pressing ahead with their latest planning application – an application that has been languishing among the dusty files at Waverley Towers since last Spring.

So What’s new pussycat?

Same old, same old, as far as we can see: a 60-bed Private Nursing Home, but this time around we know not for whom!  But the ‘Directors’ of CVHT are supremely confident that some care operator will be interested in taking it on once they’ve secured a planning consent to tuck beneath their bloated corporate bellies!

A residential accommodation block is still included but – quelle surprise – this time around it’s not for Surrey’s health-care workers because, so toxic has the Trust’s brand become, even the, grandly named, Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Partnership and all the Health Honchos – not to mention Surrey County Council – have withdrawn their support for the commercial enterprise that has wrapped itself in a so-called  ‘charitable’ blanket!

Cranleigh residents need no reminding that this toxic endeavour has all come on the back of former parish-owned land sold for a measly £1, together with circa £2 million of public money that was earmarked for a hospital – with outpatient facilities, an X-Ray department, a day hospital with all its other facilities, and hospital beds.

So here hangs the eternal question? What and where is the community benefit? And, what are the people of Cranleigh and the eastern villages – all of whom dug deep into their pockets during this 20-year hike haul – getting in return for their buck?  Precious little bang, that’s for sure!

In fact, we’d go so far as to say, SOD ALL! when you read the letter from the Cranleigh Village Health trustees’ agents which we have included here:


The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noted the company address has not yet been changed to reflect the new information at Companies House. You also may have noticed that the residential accommodation – dressed up as health workers accommodation – is available to anyone at a market rent generating income of £90,000 per annum – providing an income stream for the -so-called ‘charity’ to fund ‘local health care priorities.’ Pull the other one it’s got bells on, is the phrase that comes to mind!  Wake up CVHT – the public doesn’t trust you.

Is there anyone left in the borough of Waverley that believes one single pledge this outfit makes?

Once again the trustees/directors are telling bare-faced lies and don’t even have the grace to blink or blush!  Even stooping so low as to blame village leaders for not allowing them to consult them.  The very same public body that 20 years ago was the major stakeholder in the project – handing over public land and which has repeatedly been fed on a diet of duff information.

Local residents may be surprised to learn that COVID-19 didn’t stop the Trust meeting the parish council. It was the Trust’s demands that scuppered any meeting.


A: Because the Trust wanted a meeting “in secret”, claiming ‘commercial confidentiality’ – and the now wide-awake parish councillors said they were happy to meet IN PUBLIC – so everyone, including donors, could hear what the Trust had to say! But were unanimously opposed to any meetings on “a supposed ‘community project’ behind closed doors… again!

You can read all about it here:

Cranleigh charity’s request for ‘ private meeting’ UNANIMOUSLY REFUSED.

So now – the Trust wants to put 16 community beds in a 60-bed private care home for fee-paying residents – which will be “means-tested” – their words, not ours – for recipients, who MAY find their fees subsidised by a commercial residential housing venture.




All we can say is this. If Waverley Planners consider that this is a ‘Community Benefit’ for the people who willingly dug deep into their pockets some providing as much as £25,000 a pop – when the old Cottage Hospital,  just up the road, is providing a wealth of new facilities – including X-Ray, ultrasound, maternity services, physio, et al to outpatients and could soon have an Urgent Treatment Centre – then they need to dig out their hard-hats and Kevlar jackets because local residents may well have rather a lot to say about it!

If ever there was an outrageous waste and misappropriation of public money and public land, this is it!  Where’s Panorama when you need it?!

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The Waverley Web would like to thank Andy Webb (no association with the Waverley Web) of the Cranleigh Community Group for providing and helping us with much of this information.

**The Hydra monster has many heads. If you cut off one hydra head, two more would grow back in its place.

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