Local Authorities swing into action on Wildwood Golf Club .

So is it  Wildwood Golf Club’s former car park, and not an adjacent site, where a developer intends to build a new settlement where villagers claim they are being “intimidated” by workers?

Developers are falling over one another in a pincer movement to turn little old Alfold into a new town, with another application lodged by Thakeham Homes to build 99 homes off Loxwood Road after it has demolished a bungalow to make access to the greenfield site.

Another whopping great housing application lands on Alfold’s doorstep.

‘Your Waverley’ finally – issued a temporary STOP NOTICE  on the works at the Wildwood Golf Club. Though the diggers are still digging, and the dumpers are still dumping!

 A Temporary Stop Notice (TSN) prohibits ‘development, groundwork preparation, earthworks, or demolition processes’. ‘Earthworks’ as described within the TSN would be any engineering works to create excavations and earth embankments (as already occurred near ‘Pond 19’) on the site.

Complaints from villagers continued about the traffic, and an incident occurred between a villager and a contractor leading to accusations of ‘threatening and intimidating’ behaviour. Villagers who have been walking the authorised footpath ( footpaths 403 and 403a)  for decades are now asking why the contractors are becoming confrontational if the work they are carrying out is allowed.

Despite the parish, borough, county councils and the MP being bombarded with complaints from villagers – including Alfold’s very own Mole,  the club’s new owners on the A281 at Alfold Crossways – ‘Carry On Regardless!’

Despite the TSN being issued by Waverley Enforcement Last Wednesday –  the Diggers were still on-site and merrily Dig – dig – digging away yesterday.

At first, villagers were ecstatic because they believed they would get what it said on the tin when planning permission was granted. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) HQ, a 27-hole golf course, a hotel with a spar for the locals and 39 golf lodges as part of a planning consent given ten years ago. Villagers believed that development might be linked with an adjacent site called the Nutshell. However, now the site’s owner has told villagers – the development has nothing to do with them! The Alfold mole has asked us here at the Waverley Web to clarify the Nutshell’s position. So it is now believed – the new ‘settlement’ proposed is on the golf club site off the A281 Horsham to Guildford Rd.

Opposite the former golf course, there are two other sites. – One of which has already received planning consent at the former Wyevale Garden Centre – and another for over 80 homes on land neighbouring the petrol station. A complete list of the development in Alfold is contained in the link above. 

All this – and a Garden Village set to build 1,800 (2,300) new homes in Waverley’s Local Plan at Dunsfold Aerodrome, just a hop and a skip away! 


The new owners have swung into Alfold with big, VERY BIG plans.

So there we have it, folks. This is all about a NEW SELF-SUSTAINING NEW SETTLEMENT AT THE WILDWOOD GOLF CLUB. You can learn more about how the owners see the future from the link below:


  According to Turkish businesswoman Mrs Aysegul Peker, there will be plenty of goodies for the locals in the NEW BIG WILDWOOD URBAN SETTLEMENT bag. Because she intends to donate some of the 230 acres back to the community, she will consult residents to find out what they want to see that land used for.

A spokesman for Mrs Peker said: “She wants to give back some of the lands for a school, community centre, playground or something that the residents here need.

Now! Where have the locals in Alfold heard that one before?

“Whether that be 10, 20 or 30 acres. Whatever the residents want she will try to deliver,” she says.

Groundwork construction on the hotel has already begun on the site.

Surrey County Council has issued a Temporary Closure notice on Footpaths 403 and 403a. They are now rediverted through the ASNW of Pickenswood Copse. Now the well-trodden paths by villagers will be across   a site covered by restrictions as an (ASNW and Tree Preservation Order site)


3 thoughts on “Local Authorities swing into action on Wildwood Golf Club .”

  1. Thanks WW for putting that up – I am sorry if I got information wrong and wanted to apologise if I had – You know me I try hard to make sure I have got my facts right… It was a local person that told me and the fact that the Covey Labelled Digger was on site that made it seem plausible.. But I guess if that is your business then that is what it was? So I just wanted to let to let you know – Thanks for making my mistake Known.

    It doesn’t change the fact the Developers have done the destruction they have done on-site and I can never forgive them for that nor will I ever – It was.. and is a special place for me & Twiggy so F*ck them.

    I have applied for a FOI on this to see if there is anything going on that we have not been notified about with regard to the change of the Application but can take 20 days so don’t hold your breath
    To me this is a place I can walk WITHOUT GETTING IN THE CAR with or without my Dog – it is and should be considered a place of Local significant Local Merit – With the climate change that WBC seem to think is so important – I cannot understand why this place with it’s wonderful countryside – within walking distance of most of the Village is not considered important.
    I just do not understand this
    Best as ever

  2. You have no need to apologise – we received that information from a variety of sources other than you.

    We made the position on the Nutshell absolutely clear. We believe there may have been some misunderstand in the village of Alfold over the Golf Club and another application also on land owned by the Covey family, the subject of a planning application, very close by.

    You are absolutely right to be so concerned. Everyone in that little village should be. We do not know Alfold very well coming from another part of the borough – also under attack – but we feel for you poor souls over there. We will be taking a trip down to the eastern villages soon to view the destruction for ourselves. From others, we understand the footpaths and walks through the golf course, which have been encouraged by the previous owners, have been treasured for very many years. Sadly times they are a changing – as the song goes – and certainly not for the better.

    We look forward to receiving responses to your FOI request, but we are not holding our breath.

    There is much about current planning rules that we here at the Waverley cannot fathom either – you are not alone.
    But keep up your good work – and ensure that everyone writes into Waverley with their comments on both this – and the Thakeham Homes application. Another site that faces the bulldozers!

  3. Thankfully the Thakeham Application has many in the village that have responded (nearly 70 at last count) and made their views VERY clear as it is another one of those “PHASED” applications starting with 99 then another 99 and so it goes on and they have no need to provide any of the Infrastructure that the original 425 had to.

    I have seen locals going out in this Vile weather to distribute leaflets for those that either don’t have Internet or simply find the Planning Portal too tricky to fill in and well done them. Yet again this particular Application has bought so many voices in the village together.

    The only Supporters I have seen have a connection to Care Ashore…. thankfully they haven’t resorted to asking those supporters from Southampton, Plymouth, Bristol etc….

    I just wish the charity would realise that the Village wants to do all it can to support them, but it simply cannot include building so many homes in Alfold – They need to think outside the box. My Christmas tree this year I am buying from the Cranleigh Rugby Club and all money goes to Cancer Research. I wish I could include the link. There are other ways to raise funds but just not concreting over this Village and the Countryside.

    Alas the Wildwood one is a bit remote and not that many in the village utilise this wonderful place – I wish they would and there was a noticeable increase during the 1st Lockdown – Less so now with winter kicking in – It is one of the most beautiful places to walk without the need to use a car… You can see the AONB as well as the massive amount of Wildlife that have made it their home – especially since the Golf club has been closed.

    I live in Hope and try not to despair!
    Grumpy of Alfold

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