Why wouldn’t Surrey County Council want beds in a controversial Care Home?

A Cranleigh resident has asked?

Why build another care home in Cranleigh when one lies empty and derelict?

The answer Michaela is quite simple. If you were a cash-strapped local authority would you prefer to:

(a) Continue using a former nursing home that is the most expensive police-dog training site in the country?


(b)  buy 16 long-term care beds for the residents of Surrey in a private care home business funded by a private commercial enterprise. Built on land bought from the parish for £1 – and in a building which is being part-funded by the residents of the eastern villages?

(c) Or would you prefer to sell the land which you own – which once housed a facility called Longfields with 56 beds for long-term care, closed due to under-funding for years? Which then enabled you to sell it for squillions to replenish the rapidly diminishing county council coffers?


Michaela Clarke’s letter is one of many hundreds which can be found on the Waverley Borough Council Website – objecting to yet another application for a Private Care Home in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.

An appeal has also been lodged against a previous application for a larger facility refused a year ago.

7 thoughts on “Why wouldn’t Surrey County Council want beds in a controversial Care Home?”

  1. What I would like to know is, who is paying for the appeal, is it the people who have donated money and were they consulted on this decision

    1. We understand on good authority that the appeal and planning application bills are being funded by former Trustee Nick Vrijland. Wonder Why?

  2. Try posting this article on Cranleigh Conversations – The Cranleigh Stasi Board run by the Bamford’s and see how you get on?

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